Three seniors take their studies abroad in the fall  


Seniors Lexi Herrmann, Ella Holl, and Emma Belmont will be traveling abroad in the fall to begin their college careers. They will be spending their first semester of college in foreign cities including, St. Andrews, Scotland, Dublin, Ireland, and London, England. Ella and Emma will both be attending Northeastern University and are spending just their first semester abroad. However, Lexi will be spending the next four years at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Lexi Herrmann ’19 will attend the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.
Sofia Pye ’21.

Lexi lived in Germany and London until she was 12 years old when she then moved to the United States. Her European background is what inspired her to attend the University of St. Andrews.
“I chose to go to St. Andrews because […] I knew that I wanted to return to Europe at some point,” Lexi said.   “When the St. Andrews representative came to our school I became very interested in the school and it became one of my top choices.”
Since visiting the University of St. Andrews, the small town setting, close community, and history of the school led her to make her decision to attend. 
 “I am most excited about meeting people from around the world and other students who have lived in different countries while growing up,” Lexi said. I am also excited to be able to travel around Europe very [easily] as everything is so close. I wanted to study abroad because it would be a unique college experience and I would be able to explore the different cultures that are represented at the school.” 
Ella Holl ’19 will attend Northeastern University.
Sofia Pye ’21

Ella also lived in Europe until third grade which is was what lead her to participate in Northeastern’s “NUin” program.  Through this program, she will study at the University College Dublin (UCD), in Dublin, Ireland.
While in Dublin, Ella plans to use her surroundings in order to immerse herself in the Irish culture. She is also looking forward to being on her own and following in the footsteps of her older sister Lily Holl ’18 who studied abroad in London for her first year of college.
Emma Belmont ’19 will attend Northeastern University. She will study abroad in London, England.
Sofia Pye ’21.

“I’m looking forward to exploring a new city and taking advantage of my vicinity in Europe. As part of the program, I am required to enroll in classes such as Irish Folklore and service learning at UCD,” Ella said.  “I look forward to this as well as the many trips Northeastern organizes to get really involved in Ireland within just one semester.  I also love the independence that will come with studying abroad, and can’t wait to visit one of my best friends Lexi who will be in nearby Scotland.”
Emma will also participate in the “NUin” program where she will study in London, England. She is looking forward to traveling around Europe on breaks and weekends the most.
Emma chose to pursue study abroad in order to explore a new country and have a convenient way to make friends in a smaller group before entering the university as a whole. 
“I wanted to study abroad because I thought it would be a good opportunity to experience a new culture and meet college friends in a smaller, tight-knit community and setting, said Emma.
Staff Writer, Sofia Pye
Featured Image by Sofia Pye ’21