With love, the Class of 2019

The Class of 2019 gather in front of Salisbury Hall in their college sweatshirts.                                                                  Courtesy of Ms. Rachel Zurheide

As a school year of excitement, exploration, and sisterhood comes to a close, the King Street Chronicle’s senior editorial board steps down with gratitude and eagerness for the future.  We have led the writers and editorial staff through the 2018-2019 edition of the paper with zeal.  Now, we look back on our work and legacy left behind and forward to the growth of the newspaper in the years to come.
Throughout this academic year, the entire Sacred Heart Greenwich Upper School community lived with a “carpe diem” mentality, seizing each experience, opportunity, and day with enthusiasm.  As our days as Upper School students come to an end, we reflect on how truly precious every moment in our close community is, both in the newsroom and at Sacred Heart as a whole.  Time flies and the Class of 2019 has made its mark, pushing the community to excel further, think deeper, push boundaries, and seize every moment at 1177 King Street.
As leaders of this student-run publication, we have learned skills that will prepare us for the road ahead as we part ways.  We had both great successes and daunting setbacks, but we worked together with our staff to continue the tradition of excellence in Journalism.  Throughout the highs and lows of senior year, our passion and willingness to consistently publish great work never wavered.  With every demanding moment came an appreciation for the team we built and the strong cohesive community within the newsroom.
The King Street Chronicle grows every year under new leadership, but is also a program with a strong-rooted community and time-honored traditions.  From our first publication in October to the launch of the Senior Edition, we felt that each publication and every column we have continued is a milestone.  We have savored these traditions, such as “Humans of Sacred Heart,” “120 Seconds, and “12 Days of Christmas” while forming new series and memories of our own, such as “Destination KSC”.
We hope that we have instilled in our staff a deep love of journalistic writing and the editorial system during our time as Editors-in-Chief.  We are honored to have served as leaders in this community, and we are ecstatic to pass on the roles to a new group of determined and passionate students.
As we close out the 2019 Senior Edition, we, in conjunction with the whole senior class, reflect on all the accomplishments of our peers and how strong we have grown as members of the Sacred Heart family. We look forward to seeing what each scholar will discover, what each artist will produce, what each athlete will achieve, and what we future journalists will publish.
We are moving onto larger communities and will be part of larger publications, but the moments we have shared since we embarked on our journalistic careers will last us a lifetime.  Next year, we know the paper will continue to thrive as the Class of 2020 builds on our foundation and carves an exceptional path of their own.
– Daisy Steinthal and Karina Badey, Editors-In-Chief
Featured Image by Karina Badey ‘19