“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Mr. Karl Haeseler

When did you start working with distance learning platforms?

“Part of my post-graduate degree work at NYU in the early 2000s involved Distance Learning methodology, theories and pedagogy.  I had a chance to apply these concepts to SophieConnect, when a group of network educators came together to design this inter-network distance learning platform in 2014.”

What are your goals and hopes for students and teachers as they continue to become acquainted with and use the distance learning technology?

“My goals include sustaining a deep and meaningful learning experience for all students, K-12, in a technology enhanced environment that encourages active thinking, creativity, experiential practices and shared experiences that lend our day-to-day purpose and structure.”

What advice would you offer to students, teachers, and parents who are just beginning to implement distance learning in their school curriculum?

“My advice is to keep an open mind, expect successes and failures, appreciate new challenges and experiences, and to stay flexible and resilient.  More concretely, practice good time management, stay tuned-in and focused during live sessions, hone your active listening skills, and keep distractions (i.e., your phone) to a minimum.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Mr. Karl Haeseler, Director of Educational Technology and Upper School Computer Teacher, Co-Director of SophieConnect for his contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”