Nothing was the same


Courtesy of Highsnobiety

Courtesy of Highsnobiety
Courtesy of Highsnobiety

When Drake said Nothing Was the Same, he was not kidding.  Drake’s newest album Nothing Was the Same is completely different from the rapper’s former persona.
Well-known music artist Drake is usually recognized for his rap skills. However, in his new album, he reveals a more sensitive side and showcases his true vocal abilities. This album consists of 16 songs, nine of which he sings instead of raps. Many of the songs relate to subjects such as love, trust, and family, rather than the hackneyed topics of money, drugs and partying.
“I like the fact that Drake is starting to sing in his songs because he has a different voice than other artists I listen to,” junior Gaby Lopez said. “It was expected of him to make a few songs where he sang, but I didn’t know that his album was going to consist of just mostly singing, but I like this new style.”
Drake’s album debuted as number one on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. His album sold 658,000 copies in its first week, making it the second largest sales week of 2013, following closely behind Justin Timberlake’s album The 20/20 Experience.
Entertainment Weekly commented on Drake’s new identity.
“This lush, un-hurried album reveals a surer character, rebuking other rappers who talk smack ‘just to get a reaction’ and even relatives diminished by easy money and proximity to fame,” Entertainment Weekly said.
Convent of the Sacred Heart students were both impressed and surprised by Drake’s new style.  

“Drake isn’t scared to show emotion and that is the one thing that I love about him. He relates to all women and even men who are too scared to show their softer side,” senior D’Nea Galbraith said.
Drake has stepped outside of the box with this new album. Staying true to himself is what made this album so different and so incredibly successful.
– Jessica Johnson, Co-Opinions Editor