Science alliance

Bruce Nash shows senior Caroline Southwick how to analyze and detect the presence of GMOs in DNA. Mary Grace Henry ’15

Established in 1890, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) began  as a school focused on biological sciences. As time passed, this mission evolved to encompass research in genetics. Today, CSHL steadily ranks first in the world for its work in molecular biology and genetics. 
Beginning this year, CSHL and Sacred Heart are collaborating in many science classes.
“This will be a great supplement to our current program and we are very excited to work with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,” Upper School Science Department Chair, Dr. Victoria Landry, said.
Already, researchers from CSHL have visited Convent of the Sacred Heart Upper School’s science classes to talk about genetic work, specifically about worms called C. elegans. In the next few months, students will also explore DNA barcoding and analyze different ecosystems and food products.
“I loved my experience. Bruce Nash taught our class how to analyze and detect the presence of GMOs in DNA in an organized fashion. I never thought I’d be able to understand such a complex topic, but Bruce made it easy and fun,” senior Rebecca Quirke said.
Upper School science teacher, Ms. Musolino, is also interested in the new collaboration between the science classes and CSHL.
“The Advanced Placement Biology students will work with Cold Spring Harbor educators to track down our most recent common maternal ancestor by comparing DNA sequences from populations all over the world.”
As part of the membership, students will take several field trips to CSHL laboratories on Long Island. Not only will they have the chance to work with CSHL representatives during the school year, but also summer camps will also be offered in the Middle and Upper schools. All students are welcome to attend. For Upper School students, the camps will be focused on forensic detective skills.
“This charter membership is a wonderful addition to our strong science program in both the Middle and Upper School. We are extremely grateful to the Nooyi family, and the Parent’s Association for providing the funds to make this experience a reality for our students,” Mrs. Pamela Juan Hayes ‘64, Head of School said.

– Mary Grace Henry, Staff Writer