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Day 1 clubs        

  • Blossoms for Hope: Blossoms for Hope’s purpose is to raise funds and awareness for families in Japan who continue to be affected by the Tohoku earthquake tsunami of March 2011. The club’s funds go towards helping Japan’s struggling families with food, English classes and daily necessities.   
  • Blythedale: The simplest things can bring joy to the children and elderly alike living at Blythedale Hospital, and being able to put a smile on their faces is an immensely rewarding experience.  Join this club to simultaneously indulge in theater and community service.
  • Bread for the World: Bread for the World is one of the thousands of voices that is urging United States’ national leaders to end hunger at home in the US, and abroad.
  • CHAMPS: CHAMPS is an organization that raises money to train landmine detection dogs who will be employed in landmine infested countries – they (with a trainer) clear countries and return safety and peace of mind to thousands of effected people.  The club’s goal is to raise money to help train the dog.
  • Cleats for Kids:  Cleats for Kids holds a sneaker/cleat drive, a hoop-a-thon and bake sales to raise money for sports programs in Latin America.
  • Club AWARE: Are We All Really Equal? The club’s goals are to celebrate everyone’s individuality, help discover who each person truly is, and to build a stronger community.
  • Community Service: The Community Service Club has service events such as the Halloween Bake Sale, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Christmas Toy Drive, etc. This club supports organizations such as the Carver Center, Neighbor to Neighbor and Saturdays at Sacred Heart.
  • GOPINK/Breast Cancer Awareness: These combined clubs focus on raising money for breast cancer research through a series of charity fashion shows, Relay for Life, and other fundraising activities.
  • Happy H-Arts: Happy H-Arts visits sick kids at Montefiore Children’s Hospital and participates in making arts and crafts with them. This helps take the kid’s mind off their illness or the fact that they are in the hospital.
  • Midnight Run: Midnight/Breakfast Run club helps to organize Midnight runs and Breakfast runs and collects all sorts of clothes that are donated to the homeless of NYC.
  • Open Door Club: The Open Door Club will raisea money, spread awareness, and volunteer at a medical clinic that offers free health care services, while the club members gain knowledge about the medical field.
  • Publishing Hearts: Publishing Hearts organizes fundraisers and donates their books to a children’s literacy organization called Reach Out and Read.
  • Room to Read: The CSH Chapter will raise money to give to Room to Read to help them build schools and libraries, donate English and local language books, and overall spread literacy.
  • Save the Children: The money raised by Save the Children will sponsor and support two children in a developing country. The club will write to the children, and send money to help them with basic necessities as well as school fees.
  • St. Jude: The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. The club will help raise money and spread awareness.
  • Sweets from the Heart: Sweets from the Heart visits Blythedale Children’s Hospital about once a month with a cart filled with food, candy and games.
  • Tête-à-tête: The tête-à-tête club selects French students’ certain class work and independent work to be included in the French language journal.  It is a great way for students to improve their French and they can also send in and work on their own pieces about American or French culture, history, recipes, movies, or restaurant reviews during the time the club meets.
  • 3-D Printing: In this club students will have the chance to use the 3d printer in the Middle School Computer Lab to 3-D print creations of their own design.

Day 8 clubs

  • African Task Force: The African Task Force incorporates all Africa-related clubs. They plan Africa Day and raise money to support two tuitions for our sister school in Uganda.
  • Beauty Bus: The Beauty Bus club will raise money, hold drives, and make a personalized nail polish color for Convent of the Sacred Heart, all to raise money to support Beauty Bus which provides salon care to the elderly.
  • Convent Clownery: In the Convent Clownery club, students can learn circus skills such as uni-cycling and juggling to perform for various audiences. It is a great way to brighten up the day, learn a few new tricks, as well as receive community service hours.
  • Human Trafficking: This club will help raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking in the world.
  • Katrina Krewe: Dedicated to helping Saint Bernard Project raise money to bring people home after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
  • Kiva: Kiva lenders, including Sacred Heart’s club members, combat poverty daily by making small loans to entrepreneurs around the world. The club believes in fair access to affordable capital for people to improve their own lives.
  • The Knit Wits/Crafts Club: These clubs will make crafts and knit hats and other clothing to donate to nursing homes and hospitals to bring joy to their inhabitants and patients.
  • Mother-Daughter Service: The Mother-Daughter Service Club provides students with the opportunity to do community service with their moms.
  • Operation Smile: Operation Smile is an international charity that provides surgeries for children who have cleft lips and cleft pallets. The Sacred Heart club helps raise awareness of cleft lips and pallets and helps to raise money to donate to the foundation.
  • Photo Club: This club gives students the opportunity to take and edit their own photographs, without having to be enrolled in the photography course at Sacred Heart.
  • Red Cloud: The Red Cloud Club hopes to support the Red Cloud School on the Lakota Indian tribe in South Dakota.  The club will participate in a pen pal program, raise funds to support the Red Cloud after school program and spread awareness of Lakota culture and the Pine Ridge Reservation.
  • Red Cross/SHARD: The Red Cross club runs the annual blood drive as well as works alongside the American Red Cross in helping their mission.  The SHARD (Sacred Heart Awareness of Rare Diseases) club raises awareness and money for rare diseases.
  • Right Side Up: This club is dedicated to raising awareness about Down Syndrome and spending time with children and support them in their positivity.
  • Right to Life: The Right to Life club spreads awareness of the pro-life movement. It helps people including the elderly, disabled and the unborn.
  • Roots and Shoots: This club aims to improve the environment and the quality of life for people and animals.  It was initially started by Jane Goodall.
  • Spanish: In the Spanish club, you can sharpen your Spanish-speaking skills as well as celebrate Spanish and Latin American holidays.  This club also gives you the opportunity to receive community service hours at the Carver Center.
  • Walk and Talk: This club helps foster communication among grades and appreciate the natural beauty of Sacred Heart through relaxing walks around the beautiful campus and discussing the week with fellow students in a low stress environment.
  • Writing: The Writing club gives students the opportunity to freely express themselves through writing, and gain valuable feedback from fellow students and teachers.

Clubs during lunch

  • Economics: This club provides opportunities to learn how to make money through participation in stock market games, the invitation of guest speakers, and debates about the economy.
  • Model UN: Model UN meets with people from other schools and learn/debate current events. They also plan a Sacred Heart conference for February.
  • TBIO: Turn Beauty Inside Out is a club that looks at images, advertisements, movies, and commercials and analyzes how women are portrayed in the media.

Clubs after school

  • Perspectives: In Perspectives students have the chance to improve their ability to edit and examine works of art and literature, and discover how publication works. Improve teamwork skills and make bonds with new people through collaborative work on an English art and literary magazine.
  • Speech and Debate: This club provides opportunities to practice and master the art of public speaking and debating through a series of local and regional tournaments. 
  • Voices: Voices is a multilingual literary and art magazine that includes submissions in English, Spanish, French, Latin, Chinese, and other languages.  The club compiles, edits, and designs the magazine before printing and submitting to competition. 
  • Yearbook: The Yearbook club puts together Green Years.

Clubs before school

  • Bells: The Sacred Heart hand bell choir performs at the Christmas Concert, liturgies over the course of the school year, and Prize Day.

Email clubs

  • Admissions: Upon receiving an email asking for helpers, students can volunteer to help tour families around Sacred Heart and introduce new students to the school.
  • Convent Cookers: Enhance one’s skills in cooking and baking through preparing food for certain in-school events.
  • E-buddies: E-Buddies is an e-mail pen pal program that provides opportunities for e-mail friendships between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and Sacred Heart students.
  • LSHS: The Lower School High School Reading Club is dedicated to sending Upper School students into the Lower School to read to classes, building community between the two school levels.
  • Pairing Minds and Hearts: Pairing Minds and Hearts is a club dedicated to providing a peer-tutoring program between older and younger students of the Upper and Middle Schools.
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