Guide to Greenwich – Thrift Stores


Lindsay Taylor '24

Thrift shopping is a sustainable way to purchase clothing.

To explore sustainable shopping, this edition of Guide to Greenwich features thrift shops in the surrounding area.  Thrifting reduces pollution in the air, water, and land, while diminishing energy consumption, according to  Thrifting also discourages consumers from supporting fast fashion, a business model in which brands produce high volumes of clothing made from unsustainable materials.  Fast fashion promotes wastefulness and significantly damages the environment, according to I searched to find the thrift store with the most affordable and well-made items, as well as the best overall feel. 

The Goodwill on Broad Street in Stamford offers high quality clothing for low prices.  Lindsay Taylor ’24

Goodwill Stamford Broad Street

My first stop was the Goodwill located on Broad Street, in Stamford.  When I walked into the shop, I immediately noticed the vibrant atmosphere.  Pop music from the local radio station set the eclectic and lively mood, and several mannequins posed in a variety of dresses.  Customers filled all areas of the store, contributing to its welcoming environment. In addition to the racks of clothes lining the store, Goodwill also sells books and home decor.

I purchased a dark green blouse from the store, which cost $5.  The fabric was very soft and warm, and the blouse appeared to be of good quality.  Most of the clothing in the store was under $20, and everything seemed durable and comfortable.

The clothing at the Greenwich Auxiliary thrift shop is well-made and cozy.  Lindsay Taylor ’24

Greenwich Auxiliary Thrift Shop

Next, I visited the Greenwich Auxiliary Thrift Shop in the central Greenwich area.  All proceeds from the store support the local Greenwich Hospital, according to

The store was decked with holiday decor and cozy furniture, giving it an intimate feel.  Alongside a wide area of vintage and modern clothing, ornate plates, furniture, and even old books lined the store.

I purchased an olive green knit sweater for $16 at the shop.  The knitting was intricate and sturdy, and the quality of the sweater exceeded its price.  However, the store hours were slightly inconvenient because it closed at 4:30 on weekdays, making it difficult for me to schedule a time to go shopping.

There is a wide variety of vintage clothing sold at the Marketplace by Fofie and Mia in Port Chester.  Lindsay Taylor ’24

The Marketplace by Fofie and Mia

Finally, I stopped by the Marketplace by Fofie and Mia in Port Chester.  Unlike the other thrift stores I visited, the Marketplace only sells clothing and accessories.  It also has a greater price range than the other stores, with some of the clothing costing up to $200.

After ultimately entering the store, I immediately noticed more of a hipster aura than was present at the other stores.  Neon signs and artsy decorations covered the store, and there were plenty of spaces to take photos.

I ultimately purchased a beige cardigan for $18.  It had a cute and preppy design, but the knitting was already slightly frayed.


After visiting a wide variety of local thrift shops, I concluded that the winner of this edition of Guide to Greenwich had to be the Greenwich Auxiliary Thrift Shop.  I felt that it offered the homiest atmosphere out of all thrift shops and provided the widest array of reasonably priced goods, from books to vintage clothing.

Featured Image by Lindsay Taylor ’24