Update on new classrooms and technology

Newly renovated classrooms provide a different learning style in freshman World History and in other classrooms at Convent of the Sacred Heart. Kim Smith ’15

At the launch of the 2012 school year, Convent of the Sacred Heart students witnessed the results of the reconstruction of the Upper School. Four months later, the students and teachers have become accustomed to the changes and feel at home once again.
The classrooms in the Upper School hallway have been completely remodeled. The new classrooms now have large glass windows looking out into the hallway. Carpets have been added to the previously tiled floors and fresh new whiteboards have been mounted along the walls. New rectangular desks have been placed in different formations around the rooms and lastly, the long awaited new chairs have finally arrived.
These renovations were a change for students and there are many different opinions about these alterations.  
“I liked the spinning chairs more, but the new ones are pretty comfortable and don’t break as much. The new glass windows look modern and clean,” sophomore Jordan Cohen said.
The innovative technology is a new change for both students and teachers. Sharp flat-screen televisions have been placed on the walls of seven classrooms in the Upper School. Despite a few occasional malfunctions, students have said these televisions have been a positive change and have contributed to their learning.
“I feel that our money is being put to good use. I think the TV’s are more efficient. They are helping to get our work completed faster. The only thing is that it is annoying how we can’t eat in the new classroom,” sophomore Lauren Schwabe said.
The two refurbished bathrooms in the main Upper School hallway were especially exciting for the students. They have been completely re-vamped and have a more modern style. The restrooms feature automatic hand-driers, which are not only convenient and more hygienic, but also ecologically friendly, as they do not waste paper.
According to many Upper School teachers, the new changes are helping them to more effectively teach the students.
“Our community is very lucky to have an administration and Board of Trustees that vigilantly attempts to target priority areas of our school which need to be added or updated,” Upper School History Teacher and History Department Chair Vincent Badagliacca said. “As a teacher, I am most appreciative of what was done to maximize my ability to be a better teacher. I am adapting to the new technology and looking for ways to utilize it in the best fashion possible.”