Spring Musical Preview


Parental favorites, sibling rivalry, brotherly love, and the “story of a boy whose dreams came true.”  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is an entirely musical production that tells the story of Joseph, son of Jacob, from the Old Testament of the Bible.
A cast of 17 Upper School students will perform this musical on Saturday, March 2 at 8 PM and on Sunday, March 3 at 3 PM. The lead role of Joseph will be played by senior Nicole Zoulis. 
We are constantly singing. I believe I have one, maybe two words, that have to be spoken, but otherwise the entire cast is singing throughout the whole show,” Nicole said, “This can be really vocally and theatrically challenging, but also makes it easier for me to connect with my character on a deeper level.”
The musical matches the original biblical story in plot and in characters, however minor changes in details and the addition of more modern music, make the story more relevant to the 21 century. The musical is simply meant to tell the well-known story in a more entertaining, colorful and musical way than the Bible.
Once the narrators, played by juniors Jane Mikus and Nicolette Brusco, introduce the show and the characters, the story begins. Jacob gives Joseph a multicolored coat to show his favoritism of Joseph over his eleven brothers.  The brothers grumble jealously in disapproval of Joseph’s coat. Joseph then tells his brothers about two dreams he recently had that seem to mean that he is destined to rule over them.   Feeling confident that Joseph’s dreams will not come true, they devise a plan to get rid of him.
I think it’s so different than any play Sacred Heart has ever done,” Nicole said. “It’s sort of a wonderful and enjoyable historical presentation. Not only does it recount a well known and loved Bible story, but it does so using various different songs that, together, chronicle musical history.” 
– Zsanelle Morel, Staff Writer
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