Youtube sensations becoming famous in the real world


Bridgette Lamando ’15, Multi Media Design Class

On the ubiquitous YouTube, fame is attainable with a webcam and a talent. Recently, YouTube fame has been breaking out of  cyberspace and navigating its way into the real world. As seen through successes like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, YouTube has become a basis for a worldwide talent search.

Rebecca Black’s famous tune “Friday” went viral after being posted on YouTube. The song gained 48,285,259 views helping Black achieve not only attention of the media but also an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in March of 2011, and in pop-singer Katy Perry’s music video “Last Friday Night.”  MTV also selected her to host its first ever online awards show in April 2011.

Bridgette Lamando '15, Multi Media Design Class
Bridgette Lamando ’15, Multi Media Design Class

“It’s insane how Rebecca Black made one video and now everyone knows her name. I love making YouTube videos but I would never think mine would go viral,” Convent of the Sacred Heart freshman Daisy Flores said.
The widely popular teen heartthrob Justin Bieber started out on computer screens before he was discovered by American talent manager Scooter Braun in 2008. Scooter immediately realized his potential and talent after seeing Justin’s videos posted on his YouTube channel, “Kidraul.” Before 2008, Justin had the support of his mother and his grandparents who recognized his talent, but after posting YouTube videos of himself singing and playing the piano he gained the support and recognition of 1,949,827 people who subscribed to his channel.
After being signed to Raymond Braun Media Group in 2009, Justin released his first album, My World. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album to make it to the Billboard Top 100. From having 15 million views to selling over 15 million albums, Justin has YouTube’s viral capability to praise for his success.
“It is crazy and amazing the power that YouTube has,” sophomore Catherine Hayden said. “It has the power to make people go from sitting in their bedrooms singing to selling out Madison Square Garden.”
Youtube has the capability to enhance and develop the careers of singers. This is demonstrated by the hilarious and successful actor, Lucas Cruishank, known for his fictional YouTube character Fred Figglehorn and his channel called Fred. Fred gained a remarkable 2,040,572 subscribers since joining YouTube. Lucas Cruishank’s character of Fred is a young boy with a very high-pitched screaming voice, a dysfunctional home life and anger management issues, however he provides comical relief for all those watching.
Fred made an appearance on the teen Nickelodeon show iCarly as himself. He has also made appearances on the Tyra Banks Show and Hannah Montana. Fred also starred in his own movie, Fred: The Movie. The plot of the movie is very similar to the life of his YouTube character. Fred’s career did not stop after the filming of his movie, he is currently starring in an American science fiction comedy on Nickelodeon called Marvin Marvin. In the show, he stars as Marvin, an alien boy adjusting to human life.
“I remember laughing so hard when I watched Fred videos a few years ago,” freshman Caitlin Joyles said. “It is so crazy to see him go from my computer to winning an award at the Teen Choice Awards and having his own show.
 – Maddie Caponiti, Staff Writer