Facebook for kids


Madi Sirabella ’14

Getting in trouble is very common for most 12-year-olds.  In the case of Zack Marks, his disobedience led to the start of a kid-friendly Facebook called GromSocial.
12-year-old Zack was drawn to the allure of “friending” and Facebook “stalking,” accumulating nearly 600 friends in just two weeks on the popular social networking site. Mr. Marks, Zack’s father, quickly discovered what his son was doing and asked him to shut down his account.

Madi Sirabella '14
Madi Sirabella ’14

Not long after he had been reprimanded for being on Facebook, Zack was back on again. An argument ensued between father and son, but ultimately, Mr. Marks stood by his decision to terminate his son’s account. Yearning to be a part of the social media craze, Zack decided to create a social media site that kids his age could participate in safely and legally.
Zack’s idea emerged from his frustration because there was no site on the Internet where kids his age could interact in a safe, age-appropriate environment. Equipped with the idea for a kid-friendly website and with the help of his dad and family, Zack launched GromSocial.
A “grom” in surfing terms is a promising young individual who wants to learn. The site, which is dedicated to enforcing positive images and messages for pre-teens, provides both an entertaining and educational experience in a secure environment. Children cannot sign up for Gromsocial without a parent. In addition, monthly activity reports are automatically sent to parent email accounts, and the website does not tolerate cursing or inappropriate language.
Zack, who is home schooled, contributes to the site daily, along with all five siblings, who are also involved in the site. Zach and his siblings supply advice on healthy eating, sports and music.
 – Madi Sirabella, Staff Writer