Father's League @ CSH


CSH Fathers now have another opportunity to gather through the “Father’s League”. courtesy of CSH website

Every day, Convent of the Sacred Heart mothers meet in the pick-up line, at sporting events, and at grade activities. The opportunities for Sacred Heart dad’s to meet one another however, are not as frequent. Mr. Joseph Tranfo, both a board member and father of Olivia ’10, Sarah ’11, and Mary Jane ’18 has created the “Father’s League @ CSH” to bring  Sacred Heart fathers together.

CSH Fathers now have another opportunity to gather through the "Father's League". courtesy of CSH website
CSH Fathers now have another opportunity to gather through the “Father’s League”.
courtesy of CSH website

The inspiration behind the “Father’s League” came from the glowing and beloved tradition of Dadrigals. Ronald Molloy, father of Katie ’99 and Emma ’13, had the original idea of creating a production that senior fathers would prepare for and ultimately present at the annual Father Daughter Dinner Dance.
“It’s great to see a group of men who are largely strangers to each other come together over the course of two months to share such a special time,” Mr. Joseph Tranfo said in “The (Mad) Dadrigals” article published in 2010. “The laughter and good cheer and camaraderie in the rehearsal room are really remarkable.”
It is this connection that makes the hours of rehearsals, and the constant memorization of lyrics all worth it.
“The bonding experience is really significant,” Mr. Andy Aoyama, father of Brianna ’08 and Erin ’11 said in “The (Mad) Dadrigals” article. “It is too bad something like this happens so late in the girl’s high school careers, when they are seniors.”
With the help and support from the administration, Mr. Tranfo has established the “Father’s League” which he chairs. He is looking forward to working out a solution to the problem that Mr. Aoyama spoke of back in 2010.
“We thought that we could create a low pressure and casual environment for dad’s to get to know one another, by having events on school campus a few times each year,” Mr. Tranfo said.
Dan Hicks, a sportscaster for NBC will be the speaker at the first “Father’s League” event which will be held on Wednesday, April 10 from 7-9pm in the school library. The first hour will consist of cocktails, and during the second hour, there will be an open conversation with Mr. Hicks.
“The initial response has been terrific,” Mr. Tranfo said. “Obviously, this is just the kickoff, the inaugural event, but we hope that this is just the beginning of yet another successful Sacred Heart organization.”
– Catherine Considine, Online Editor