How Convent of the Sacred Heart has changed


Convent of the Sacred Heart is constantly changing, and the Class of 2013 lifers have witnessed many of these changes over their 13 years at the school. A lifer is someone who has attended the school from kindergarten to senior year. In the 2013 graduating class, there are 24 lifers. 

“Each year, Sacred Heart has acquired some fabulous new renovation or technology that allows it to become even more magnificent, but I will always hold dear the many relics I can remember from my many years as a lifer,” senior Alexa deAlessandrini said.

How CSH has Changed
The 2013 Lifers from first grade to today as seniors.
Kim Smith ’15

The biggest change that the Class of 2013 lifers have witnessed is the renovation of many sections of the school. New buildings, technology, furniture, and more have been added since the students began their time at Sacred Heart. The current classrooms in the Upper and Middle School are completely modernized compared to those where students once learned.

“I will never forget the day that we moved into the new middle school/library complex. We were all so excited that we would soon be learning in the gorgeous newly built Stuart house,” senior Sarah Hirshorn said.

The two turf fields that were built a few years ago were also a big change for the school. They are an improvement to the fields that were previously there and make the sports experience much more enjoyable. Similarly, the farm down by the fields once contained live animals, at the very beginning of these students’ time at the school.

Uniform rules have also slightly changed over the years. Students can now wear sneakers with their uniforms and no longer wear the light blue fall and spring skirts. This was a major change for many girls who had worn these skirts since kindergarten.

“The light blue jumpers and skirts signified the coming of spring,” senior Alexa deAlessandrini said.

Despite all of these changes, students say that many aspects of the school have remained the same. For example, signature Sacred Heart traditions like Congé, goûter, and the muffins still remain, although the price of muffins has risen over the years.

“Overall CSH looks different, but a lot of the same teachers and people are here. The community and atmosphere have stayed the same,” senior Julie Randolph said.
– Kim Smith, Staff Writer