How to stay healthy in college


Courtesy of Katrina Rodriguez ’16 – Multi Media Design Class

Courtesy of Katrina Rodriguez '16 - Multi Media Design Class
courtesy of Katrina Rodriguez ’16, Multi Media Design Class

Going to college has many perks, including more freedom, new friends, and a wide variety of food to choose from. But with every benefit comes a dark side. With a range of packaged foods that are not necessarily the healthiest choices, it is sometimes hard to stay fit in college.
“It’s really hard to eat healthy because I’m always on the run in college,” Convent of the Sacred Heart alumna Bridget Mara ’11 said. 

When college students are on the go, there are not many options for a healthy meal. Instead of having to dash to the cafeteria in the opposite direction of a next class, it is easier to keep fresh fruit and healthy snacks in a place that can be easily accessed, like a dorm room or backpack.
Apples and bananas are examples of the many fruits that do not require a refrigerator and are great snacks for when there  is not much time. Adding peanut butter to these fruits is an excellent source of protein.
Another food that can help any busy college student  stay full through her hectic day is a granola bar. Brands such as Luna Bars and Cliff Bars can be eaten as meals or midday snacks and are very helpful for sustaining daytime hunger.

With such a tight schedule during college, it is hard to fit in time to go to the gym. Instead of trying to squeeze in an hour a few days a week to go to the gym, there are many easy exercises that can be done without any equipment. The Nike Training app that can be downloaded on any Apple product includes exercises that range from 15 to 45 minutes.
“It is really easy to gain weight in college because there isn’t much time to exercise,” Sacred Heart alumna Lizzie Rooney ’11 said. “But, the fitness apps on my phone really help.”
– Julia Perry, Staff Writer