Senior Superlatives


courtesy of Kristen Parkinson ’15

The following were voted on by the class of 2013:

courtesy of Kristen Parkinson '15
courtesy of Kristen Parkinson ’15, Multi Media Design Class

Most likely to win a Grammy

  1. Nicole Zoulis

  2. Gabby Rask

  3. Whitney Rose

Most likely to become a cat lady

  1. Julie Randolph

  2. Kelsey Schmidt

  3. Wendy Collins

             Best submission: “Wendy, duh, cat hair covers her kilt, you wouldn’t know it’s black-watch”

Most likely to make it to the Olympics

  1. Tie — Jenna Hascher and Emma Leary

  2. Margaret Dunne

  3. Lauren Wood

             Best submission: “No one, we all eat too much to be fit enough to represent our country”

Most likely to wear CSH apparel in college (and/or to class everyday)

  1. Catherine Considine

  2. Emma Molloy

  3. Erin Manning

             Best submission: “Alexa Diallesandrini (only 45% chance I spelled that correctly)”

Most likely to win Survivor

  1. Lauren Wood

  2. Jenna Hascher

  3. Jennie Chieco

             Best submission: “Jenna Hascher. Don’t mess with her on Conge. Nails get broken.”

Most likely to park in a teacher’s parking space

  1. Michele Urbinati

  2. Amina Price

  3. Gabby Greig

Most likely to win a marathon in her 80s

  1. Julie Randolph

  2. Sarah Manning

  3. Lauren Wood

Most likely to become Serena Williams 2.0

  1. Michele Urbinati

  2. Hannah Godvin

  3. Taylor Blevin

Most likely to become the CEO of Garden Catering

  1. Meggie Purcell

  2. Maddie Pillari

  3. Camilla Kummen

             Best submission: “Maddie Pillari (and then she’ll write negative reviews about all her competition)”

Most likely to be the next broadcast intern

  1. Erin Manning

  2. Jenna Hascher

  3. Tie — Caroline Kelly and Grace and Jackie

Most likely to compete on Top Chef

  1. Christa Ruggiero

  2. Nicole Polemni – Hegarty

  3. Caroline Keller

Most likely to trigger the apocalypse

  1. Christa Ruggiero and Lauren Wood

  2. Lauren Ioli

  3. Caroline Kelly

             Best submission: “Catherine Considine (it’s always the ones you least expect)”

Most likely to live off of free samples

  1. Camilla Kummen

  2. Tessa Davis

  3. Alison Brett

Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart

  1. Allie Kenny

  2. Jennie Chieco

  3. Jen Rohde

             Best submission: “Kelsey Bieber”

Most likely to be your boss

  1. Taylor Blevin

  2. Sarah Hirshorn

  3. Caroline Kelly

Most likely to be late to her own wedding

  1. Liz Juan

  2. Jeanne Marie Fishkin

  3. Tie — Michele Urbinati and Polly Bruce

Most likely to make a viral video on Youtube

  1. Becca Quirke (Bex Sings)

  2. Grace and Jackie

  3. Tie — Emma Molloy and Frances McLaughlin

– compiled by Molly Geisinger, Staff Writer