Unlocking the words


Rory the tiger also uses Doc Mott’s new vocabulary words when cheering on a team.

Rory the tiger uses Doc Mottolese’s new vocabulary words when cheering on a team.
Julia Perry ’15

Many Convent of the Sacred Heart students have seen the colorful psych-ups plastered throughout the Upper School hallways, before that big lacrosse game. The typical banner usually reads “You Can Do This!” or “Go Heart Go!” However, a recent suggestion from an English teacher might change the phrasing of these signs.
“The idea with putting the words on lockers is to make those words part of peoples’ lives, not just to memorize the meaning and then forget it.  In class, we use them in sentences and think about them in the context of reading and writing, but putting them on the lockers is a fun way to get students using the words,” English Department Chair, Doctor William Mottolese said.
When Dr. Mottolese, noticed the psych-ups, he had an idea about incorporating his weekly vocabulary lists. Dr. Mottolese wants his tenth grade students to use new vocabulary words when decorating the lockers of our school athletes. If the students follow his suggestions, he promises to give extra credit.
“I think this is a great way to raise your English grade and have fun at the same time,” sophomore Kylinn Askew said.
Now, when walking down the halls, there will be new signs saying, “You Are Resplendent!” or “ Be Tenacious!”
“I think that this is a really good way to use the vocabulary we learned in class,” sophomore  Katie Hill said.
Dr. Mottolese may be starting a new trend at  Sacred Heart to inspire students to use better vocabulary in their daily lives and also to approach learning with more excitement.
– Julia Perry, Staff Writer