Apple releases new operating system Mavericks OS X

Apple launches its latest operating system, Mavericks OS X, which can be upgraded for free from the App Store. Courtesy of


Apple launches its latest operating system, Mavericks OS X, which can be upgraded for free from the App Store. Courtesy of
Apple launches its latest operating system, Mavericks OS X, which can be upgraded for free from the App Store.
Courtesy of

Apple introduced a brand new software system, Mavericks OS X, October 23. It promises faster Internet, iBooks, maps, and incompatibility with Exam4. While the update is free of charge, the only price for students and teachers is the cost of time, with Exam4’s latest update released one month after Mavericks’ debut. 
Mavericks marks Apple’s first divergence from feline-themed titles since 2001. Its predecessors include Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. This year, however, Apple coined the name “Mavericks,” which refers to a popular surf spot in Northern California.
“Apple toyed with 10.9 Cabernet and 10.10 Syrah, but apparently couldn’t stomach a wine-related meme and announced in June that the next releases will be named after Californian locations,” according to
Apple also recently released the iOS7 iPhone software, whose features resemble those of Mavericks.
“The original version of iOS was designed by pulling elements of the Mac computer’s operating system. Now, the new iOS 7 is pushing design elements to Mac OS X Mavericks,” according to the New York Times.
One of the newest applications that Apple boasts about is “Maps,” which syncs with other Apple devices and applications.
With Maps, users view their destinations in different modes, such as standard, hybrid, or 3D satellite. It also includes up-to-date traffic statuses. Additionally, Apple integrated Maps into its preexisting Mail, Messages, and Calendar applications. This enables addresses and directions to be found with just one click.

“Bookmarks and recent searches are pushed to all your devices via iCloud so you can search for places on your Mac and have them available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when you’re on the road,” according to
Mavericks OS X earned an almost five star rating and high praise from 12,202 reviewers upon its release in the Apple App Store. The highly anticipated operating system achieves similar acceptance at Convent of the Sacred Heart.
“I think people were taken by surprise by the new look and feel of iOS7, the new iPad and iPhone operating system Apple released earlier this month,” Mr. Karl Haeseler, Director of Educational Technology, said. “I am glad Mavericks seems easier to use and less of a departure from their previous OS.”
Junior Natalie Ponce upgraded her computer and noticed that it was faster and more reliable. As a Broadcast Journalism student, longer battery life is important for hours spent editing video footage.
“I think the new update was worth it because my computer is a lot faster now and everything is easier to use,” Natalie said.
Even though Mavericks promises more functionality and simplicity, it brings complications to a common test-taking program. Exam4, a frequently used application among Upper School students, allows for Internet-free, online test-taking. It is used to prevent students from accessing other programs that may enable them to cheat.
With Apple’s latest update, patient students had to wait a full month before they could take tests using Exam4 again.
However, Mac owners are not alone. The newest update for Windows operating systems, Windows 8.1, also did not support Exam4 until just recently.
Teachers and students alike exhaled sighs of relief at the arrival of Mr. Haeseler’s latest email, attaching the newest Exam4 update.
“This document was updated with links to the latest versions of Exam4 to accommodate Mavericks and Win8.1 users,” Mr. Haeseler said via email. “Please let me know if you have difficulties installing the new version. Always run a Practice Exam after a new installation.”
– Molly Geisinger, News Editor