“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Ella Radtke ’22

How many years have you been participating in the Sacred Heart Greenwich Broadcast Journalism program and what inspired you to join?

“I have been participating in the Sacred Heart Broadcast Journalism program since freshman year.  I have always loved editing since around fourth grade and over the years I’ve learned more about styles of films and different editing techniques, which inspired me to get more involved with filmmaking.  Once I heard about the program from my peers, as well as from other Upper School students who were already in the program, I knew I wanted to join.”

Which of your films will be featured in this year’s Film Festival?

“Two of my films will be featured in this year’s Film Festival.  The first is entitled Letters in the Attic and will be judged in the creative category.  This film is a dialogue film about a girl finding her grandparents’ love letters from the 1950s in the attic.  Switching between the present and past, the girl relives her grandparents’ experiences and learns more about their relationship.  My second film, Deep in Color, is an experimental film that uses elements of bright colors, flashes, and water to display how one might feel to be drowning.  The colors represent how there can still be color when surrounded by darkness.  The flashes and distortions of those colors and images show the confusion and a feel of ‘life flashing’ before your eyes.”

What aspect of this year’s Film Festival are you most looking forward to? 

“Even though leading up to the film festival can be super hectic, the result is definitely worth it.  I love seeing everyone dressed up and excited to take pictures with friends.  I am especially looking forward to watching everyone’s films that they work so hard on.  With last year’s film festival being over Zoom, the experience was not the same and I am really excited to be with the other filmmakers while watching each other’s work.  It is very nerve-racking to know that such a large audience will be watching my films, so it brings me joy knowing that I will be surrounded by supportive people who will cheer me on.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Ella Radtke ’22 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”