“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Maddie Wise ’22

How and why did you become involved with the St. Jude Hospital Leadership Society?

“When I was in elementary school, my cousin William was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood brain cancer.  I vividly remember receiving the news one morning as I was eating breakfast with my siblings.  Because I was still young at the time, I never fully understood what the diagnosis entailed, and it seemed as if no one had the answers to my questions.  Upon hearing about the St. Jude Leadership Society, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to contribute to a cause that I could relate to.  I was attracted to St. Jude’s in particular because it is a hospital that enables children nationwide to receive the best cancer treatments with zero cost to their families.  St. Jude’s mission has increased the childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent since their founding.  In conjunction with a challenge to raise money for the patients undergoing treatment, the Leadership Society includes an experience in which participants meet current patients and work with them one-on-one.”

How are you getting members of the Sacred Heart Greenwich community involved with your fundraising initiative?

“During our virtual meetings, my cohort has discussed various forms of networking, one of which is utilizing school communities.  When I began the initial stages of my fundraising, I sent out an email to the entire upper school.  In my email, I explained the mission of the leadership society, provided general information about St. Jude’s, and encouraged people to contribute to my fundraising page.  As a result of my approach, I have received a significant amount of donations, all of which are going directly to St. Jude in the next month.”

What do you hope to achieve through your work with St. Jude Children’s Hospital?

“There are many things that I hope to achieve through my work with St. Jude’s Leadership Society.  Firstly, I hope to become a better leader – a skill that will be essential for the rest of my life.  This program has provided me with and will continue to equip me with the necessary skills that enable individuals to lead effectively.  Additionally, I hope to raise a sufficient amount of money that will impact the children currently undergoing treatment.  Because I am associated with the cause and deeply care for it, I am going to try my best and do as much as I can to help St. Jude achieve their mission – that no child dies from cancer.” 

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Maddie Wise ’22 for the contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”