“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Grace Lillis ’21

What has been your favorite part of being Senior Class President?

“My favorite part of being Senior Class President has been running class meetings every other Wednesday.  With the pandemic, it has been difficult to get everyone together, but these meetings provided us with a large enough space for everyone to gather and they always reminded me how lucky we are to all be together and to have been in person all year.”

What has been the most memorable part of your time at Sacred Heart Greenwich? 

“The most memorable part of my time at Sacred Heart would have to be either the Kairos retreat because of how closely it bonded our class and highlighted our support for one another or watching the field hockey team win the FAA championships my freshman and sophomore years.  After each game, practically the whole school ran onto the field with and I think that really embodies the immense sense of school spirit at Sacred Heart.”

What advice would you give to rising seniors?

“My biggest piece of advice to rising seniors is to enjoy your last year and try not to stress too much.  The time goes by so fast, but there are so many amazing traditions to look forward to, so cherish them and your friends.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Grace Lillis ’21 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”