Sisters with blisters


Courtesy of Jeff Knoczel

 Courtesy of Jeff Knoczel
Courtesy of Jeff Knoczel

Sore, red, swelling, and blistered hands. The aftermath of a practice. Pain in the legs, arms, hands, abdomen, and back. Ignoring all those aches and pushing our mental and physical limits further than ever before. The non-stop pounding of our legs against the foot-stretchers, our knees slamming straight down as we slide backwards. Watching the head, back, and arm of the person in front of us. Listening to the voice of the coxswain, and waiting for our orders.

Rowing is a sport that challenges both the mind and the body. A sport that is normal to dislike and love immensely at the same time. Hating all the blisters that come with every practice and race. Disliking the late nights staying up doing homework after crew, and the 5:00 am morning practices. Racing in regattas every weekend that occupy your entire day. Leaving in the darkness of the morning and returning in the darkness of the night.

The immense love of rowing is the other half. The feeling that you are complete, happy, and important with the boat running underneath you, knowing that it is your own strength that is contributing to its movement. Feeling controlled as the oars glide along the water. Being in a boat with eight other girls and knowing that everyone is working hard. Loving the commitment that comes with being a part of this team. Watching the beautiful sunset every night, and the spectacular sunrise every Thursday morning. Being a part of a family of sisters, and spending enormous amounts of time with them, on and off of the water.

While rowing will bring on some of the worst physical pain and struggles, it also provides feelings of accomplishment, joy, and family to every practice and regatta. Once we arrive at the Greenwich Water Club, the worries of school, family, and friends evaporate, leaving a large group of strong, talented, happy and loving sisters ready to tackle another crew workout. Although the fall season has come to an end, all the sisters with blisters cannot wait to get on the water again this upcoming spring.

-Alexandra Dimitri, Staff Writer