Welcoming new Upper School faculty to King Street


Dylan Drury '22

Eleven faculty members join the Upper School this year.

The start of a new academic year at Sacred Heart Greenwich marked the arrival of 11 new Upper School faculty members.  The new educators include Ms. Danielle Adiletta, Mr. Ali Al-Maqtari, Mr. Guilherme Lima, Mr. Kevin Williamson, Ms. Ayesha Alirahi, Mr. Matthew Blake, Ms. Leah Principe, Dr. Marta Napiorkowska, Ms. Ellen Spillane, Mr. Kevin King, and Mr. Nat Smitobol.  All 11 teachers offer various talents and inspiration to the Upper School community.

Ms. Ayesha Alirahi and Ms. Danielle Adiletta join the Upper School Science and Mathematics Departments this year at Sacred Heart.  Libby Kaseta ’22

Ms. Adiletta, the newest addition to the Upper School Math Department, graduated from Villanova University.  Before Sacred Heart, Ms. Adiletta taught at Somers High School, in Somers, New York.  Ms. Adiletta expressed her desire to get to know her students as both learners and individuals.  She believes that this approach will enhance the classroom experience.

This year I hope to get to know about my students’ interests outside of school and figure out ways to incorporate those interests into our curriculum,” Ms. Adiletta said. 

Mr. Al-Maqtari joined the Upper School Foreign Language Department this year.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Sana’a in Yemen and obtained a Master of French Language Teacher Education from Université de Franche-Comté in Besançon, France.  Previously, Mr. Al-Maqtari held the position of Arabic Program Coordinator, International Baccalaureate Arabic Coordinator, and Arabic and French teacher at The Awty International School, located in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Al-Maqtari hopes to provide a firm grasp on the French language for his students, while also prioritizing their personal well-being,

“I am determined to dedicate everything I have to add something positive to Sacred Heart and to participate positively in the mission of taking care of the whole child,” Mr. Al- Maqtari said. 

Mr. Lima, a member of the Upper School Science Department, is teaching chemistry this year.  He will also serve as the assistant coach for varsity volleyball.  He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. 

Ms. Ellen Spillane, Dr. Marta Napiorkowska, and Mr. Guilherme Lima bring their teaching expertise to the Upper School as new faculty members.  Libby Kaseta ’22

Mr. Williamson is the Upper School’s new photography teacher.  He graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Art Education.  Mr. Williamson values the school’s emphasis on the arts and aspires to reflect it in his teaching.

I feel really lucky to be at a school that has such great support for the arts,” Mr. Williamson said.  “The school realizes that education in the arts is an important part of the development of a well-rounded student.  We have really great photography facilities here, and I am looking forward to getting my classes into the darkroom.”

Ms. Alirahi is teaching Anatomy and Physiology at Sacred Heart as a member of the Upper School Science Department.  She began her career working as a substitute teacher at the Alexander Hamilton High School in Elmsford, New York.  Ms. Alirahi also teaches sections of biology.  She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Purchase and is currently pursuing her Master of Education from Manhattanville College. 

Mr. Ali Al-Maqtari and Mr. Matthew Blake are new members of the Sacred Heart Upper School faculty this year.  Libby Kaseta ’22

Sacred Heart welcomed Mr. Blake to the Upper School Theology and English Departments.  He graduated from Middlebury College and received his Master’s Degree from the Yale Divinity School.  Prior to teaching at Sacred Heart, Mr. Blake was the Lead Instructor for the Yale Young Global Scholars, a two-week academic enrichment program for high school students, according to globalscholars.yale.edu.  He also served as an Editorial Intern for the Yale University Press.  Mr. Blake noted his determination to impart theological fervor among his students. 

“I would like to inspire within my students a love for theological conversation and exploration,” Mr. Blake said.  “I also want my students to leave class with a recognition for the ways in which the study of theology can lead to positive, spiritual transformation.”

Sacred Heart welcomes Mr. Kevin Williamson and Ms. Leah Principe as new faculty this year.  Libby Kaseta ’22

Ms. Principe is the new Multi-Media Assistant teacher for the Broadcast Journalism program.  A graduate of Western Connecticut State University, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication and Media.  Ms. Principe previously worked as a photojournalist and video editor for News12 Connecticut. 

The Sacred Heart English Department welcomed Dr. Napiorkowska as a ninth and tenth-grade English teacher.  She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and received a Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago.  Dr. Napiorkowska previously taught English at The Lawrenceville School.

Ms. Spillane joins the Upper School Math Department alongside Ms. Adiletta.  She received her undergraduate degree and her Master of Education from the University of Notre Dame.  Ms. Spillane was previously a teacher at Tampa Catholic High School, teaching Calculus and Algebra.

Mr. Kevin King received both his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and his Master of Education from the University of Notre Dame.  Before Sacred Heart, Mr. King taught United States History, Ancient World History, and philosophy at Tampa Catholic High School.  Mr. King admires the deep spirit of inquiry among his students, noting the desire for avid participation within his classroom.

My students at Sacred Heart have a strong desire to learn and an intense curiosity about history,” Mr. King said.  “I love being part of a classroom where students are engaged, bringing new ideas to the discussion, and asking thoughtful questions.”

The History and the College Guidance departments see the arrival of Mr. Kevin King and Mr. Nat Smitobol this year.  Libby Kaseta ’22

Mr. Smitobol arrived on King Street as the  Director of College Guidance.  A graduate of Skidmore College, he received his Master of Higher Education and Student Affairs from New York University.  Prior to Sacred Heart, Mr. Smitobol was a Master Admissions Counselor at the company IvyWise, a premier educational consultancy based in New York.  He reflected on his appreciation for the character of the school community.

“The commitment to teaching and mentoring our students stands out to me,” Mr. Smitobol said.  “Everyone here loves working with young people and it shows.”

Featured Image by Dylan Drury ’22