Rowing team returns to competition for the fall season

The Sacred Heart Greenwich rowing team returns to competition for the fall 2021 season for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic.


Chloe Gaudelet '24

Sacred Heart Rowing returns to intermural competition for the 2021 Fall season.

The Sacred Heart Greenwich Rowing team competed in their first regatta since 2019 at the Head of the Riverfront in Hartford, Connecticut, October 3. While other sports teams at Sacred Heart Greenwich returned to competition after lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the rowing team did not participate in any races during the 2020-2021 season.

The Head of Riverfront regatta brought 640 entries to compete from 70 clubs and schools.  Participants of the regatta include high school, collegiate, and master rowers who competed in the 2.5 mile course on the Connecticut River according to

The Sacred Heart rowing team placed in the top ten for all of their races.  They placed ninth in the Women’s First Junior four-person and coxswain boat (4+)  and seventh in the Women’s second Junior eight-person and coxswain boat (8+).  They also finished eighth in the Women’s first Junior, and tenth in the Women’s second Junior 4+. 

The Junior Varsity rowing team racing at the Head of Riverfront.  Courtesy of Mrs. Carolyn Shively P’24,’26

After a long period of land training on rowing machines in regard to COVID-19 safety measures, Upper School rowers resumed training on the water during the 2021 spring season.  The team continues to practice on the water and anticipates their return to competition this season.

Seniors Gabrielle Lauria ’22, Rachel Lherisson ’22, and Megan Maloney ’22 exercise leadership as the captains for the fall rowing 2021 season.  Megan commented on how regattas promote team bonding. 

We all finally have something concrete to look forward to and work towards,” Megan said. “Racing and being at a regatta are both such unique and special things and make the team closer. Traveling and competing as a team are so important in building team chemistry and making us more successful. Even just competing in one regatta has been so refreshing, and a great return for normalcy.” 

Assistant coach and Sacred Heart alumna Ms. Julie Rhode’11 is elated to coach for the first time this season and support the rowing team’s improvement. 

“Over the past month, the rowing team has made tremendous improvements on the water. They are well prepared for the Head of the Riverfront after facing a tough scrimmage from the Greenwich Academy team on Wednesday,” Ms. Rhode said. “I’m looking forward to watching Sacred Heart speed down the 2.5-mile course.”

The rowing team returns to practice on the water for the spring 2021 season.  Courtesy of Mr. Christopher Pope.

Senior co-captain Gabrielle Lauria also is excited to see improvements from the team and is grateful to have the pleasure of racing again. 

I anticipate a lot of fun, hard work, and the team giving it their all this season, Gabrielle said.  I think the whole team is super grateful to be back competing with everyone else again. I am glad to be back with the whole rowing community and seeing everyone cheer on one another.

The rowing team recently competed at the twelfth Annual New England Junior and High School Regional Regatta held at Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Massachusetts October 9 and 10.

The team placed eighth for the Women’s Junior/Highschool First Varsity 4+, seventh for the Women’s Junior/Highschool Second Varsity 4+, and fifth for the Women’s Junior/Highschool First Novice 8+. Later in the day, they came in tenth for the Women’s Junior/Highschool first Novice 4+, fifth for the Women’s Junior/Highschool second Varsity 8+, and fifteenth for the Women’s Junior/Senior First Varsity 8+.

Sophomore Bianca Shively shared the experience of her first regatta as a new member of the team and expressed her excitement for the following races.

“My first regatta was an amazing experience.  A lot of the parents came out to watch and cheered us on, it was awesome to have all the support. I can not wait to race again next weekend,” Bianca said.

Featured Image by Chloe Gaudelet ’24