Jackie Franco '23

unior Catherine Dodman brings the Tariro Foundation Club to Sacred Heart Greenwich.

Tariro Foundation Club – Catherine Dodman ’23

This year, junior Catherine Dodman started the Tariro Foundation Club at Sacred Heart Greenwich.  Through her club, Catherine will collaborate with the Tariro Foundation to collect donations for female-related causes in Africa.

Ms. Thandeka Xaba and Ms. Sadia Dhorat founded the Tariro Foundation in 2014.  In collaboration with their team, the co-founders work to identify young girls in Africa and provide them with the resources to become creative, brave, and confident leaders, according to tarirofoundation.com.  

“Through the support of our mentor Kundai Mashingaidze, who is a Sacred Heart Greenwich alumna and a member of the State Department, we are supporting numerous women-based causes throughout Africa,” Catherine said.

Junior Catherine Dodman ’23 hopes to collaborate with the Tariro Foundation to support women in Africa.  Courtesty of Catherine Dodman ’23

Catherine devotes time to planning meetings that ensure she accomplishes her club’s goals.  During club meetings, she plans to work with members to brainstorm fundraising ideas.  Catherine and her club will work with the Tariro Foundation to achieve their shared mission of assisting African women with gaining the resources needed to thrive.

“There are so many important causes to support throughout Africa,” Catherine said.  “It is great for girls to support girls.”

Featured Image by Jackie Franco ’23