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Clubhead Jenny Di Capua promotes the Women in Leadership Club during the club fair in September.

Women in Leadership – Jenny Di Capua ’23

Junior Jenny Di Capua started the Women in Leadership Club to inspire members to become leaders in academic, athletic, and professional settings.  Jenny plans to teach participants public speaking, organization, and active listening skills.  She also hopes to spark conversations about the meaning of female leadership. 

“During club meetings we will be hearing from female speakers and learning about what they do in the workplace, understanding some of the unique experiences females endure and how we can overcome those challenges productively and successfully,” Jenny said.

The Women in Leadership Club teaches members how to be strong leaders. Courtesy of

Jenny believes it is vital that all members of the Upper School feel empowered in male-dominated environments.  She appreciates what the Sacred Heart community has taught her about leadership and aspires to share the same lessons with club members. 

“I hope that this club helps students understand that leadership takes many forms,” Jenny said.  “With the use of a Sacred Heart education as a foundation, we can succeed in college and beyond.”

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