Alumnae expand their college experience through their studies abroad


Ana López del Punta '23

Four Sacred Heart Greenwich alumnae spend all or part of their college education abroad.

Four alumnae from the Class of 2021 are engaging in international cultures while pursuing their respective college studies abroad.  Ms. Hadley Noonan ’21, Ms. Lara Patricio ’21, Ms. Fatima Scheggia ‘21, and Ms. Amelia Hervey ‘21 are currently studying in England, Spain, and France, sequentially.  Through their coursework and everyday experiences, all the alumnae endeavor to enhance their global understanding and immerse themselves in the local culture. 

Ms. Noonan is completing her first semester at Arcadia University in London, England.  While studying abroad, she is taking art and British history courses.  When she arrives at Hamilton College, Ms. Noonan plans to double-major in English and Art History. 

Ms. Noonan’s favorite aspect of living in London is getting to know the city.  While in London, she has had to adjust to using the London Underground and having more independence.  She has found it easy to integrate into English culture since it is similar to the United States.  

Ms. Fatima Scheggia ’21 and her friends walk down a park in Pamplona, Spain.  Courtesy of Ms. Fatima Scheggia ’21

“My favorite part of living in London is getting to know the city really well,” Ms. Noonan said.  “I have been here for five weeks and I finally feel like I have a basic mastery of the surrounding area.  At first, it was really difficult to use and understand the Tube.  It definitely has been different being in busses and cars on the other side of the road, too.”

Like Ms. Noonan, Ms. Patricio is also studying in London.  She is participating in Northeastern University’s semester abroad program at The New College of the Humanities.  Ms. Patricio is interested in learning about London’s culture and how history has shaped the city.  

“My favorite part about living in London is the city itself,” Ms. Patricio said.  “It has so much to offer and I have yet to explore all of it.  I have definitely immersed myself in British culture by trying new foods, understanding and using certain slang, and traveling around the United Kingdom to get a better feel for the culture.”

Ms. Scheggia was the only member of her class at Sacred Heart Greenwich who chose to study internationally for all four years of college.  She is currently studying Nutrition and Dietetics at the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. 

Ms. Scheggia values the internationality of her university.  She appreciates the ability to meet people from different countries and learn about their respective cultures.  Because she does not have any relatives in Spain, she also has had to learn to be more independent.  For instance, Ms. Scheggia had to establish her Spanish residency alone. 

Ms. Amelia Hervey ’21 visits the Wawel Royal Castle while in Krakow.  Courtesy of Ms. Amelia Hervey ’21

“Studying abroad has been an amazing experience because I have gotten to know different kinds of people,” Ms. Scheggia said.  “While studying abroad I learned to be very independent and responsible.  I am here on my own now so I had to learn how to properly take care of myself.  I would like to add that studying abroad is an amazing experience for students to undertake because you get to experience and learn about a new culture and meet new people.”

For her first semester of freshman year at Tulane University, Ms. Hervey is studying at the American University of Paris in Paris, France.  She is working to improve her French language skills and enhance her education with this experience.  Ms. Hervey also participated in her university’s cultural program in Krakow, Poland.  She learned about the city’s history during World War Two and its Jewish heritage through visiting the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. 

“I do not think I ever would have gone to Poland if I hadn’t been offered the specific opportunity to do so with my school,” Ms. Hervey said.  “The trip was extremely moving, beautiful, and I am so grateful that I went.  The biggest lesson I am learning while abroad is that it’s always important to appreciate and respect culture and take every opportunity that comes to you.”

Featured Image by Ana López del Punta ’23