“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Mr. Kevin King

When did you start playing chess?

“I started playing chess in kindergarten when I joined the chess club in my school.  I have been playing for fun with friends and family ever since.  I am especially grateful for my Dad, who has always supported my interest in chess and played many games with me over the years.”

What do you like most about chess?

“Chess is so fascinating because it is remarkably complex and yet, unlike many other games, chess is not up to chance.  Nothing is hidden from the players and nothing is random.  The complexity in chess comes from the richness of the game itself with its nearly endless possibilities.  Each turn requires a chess player to explore that vast sea of possibilities in search of the best move, guided only by their skill in recognizing tactical patterns, applying their strategy, and anticipating their opponent.  This challenge has captivated people across the world for centuries.  On top of that, the skills that a chess player develops have many applications to life outside of chess.  Ultimately, chess is about decision-making.  A chess player’s mind must be creative enough to see the possibilities on the board, analytical enough to carefully weigh the alternatives, and disciplined enough to avoid a hasty decision and to learn from one’s mistakes.  In that way, chess can be an outlet not only for fun and competition but also for personal growth.”

What do you enjoy most about monitoring the chess club?

“It is always exciting to see students who are new to the game developing their skills.  Even in just a few months, I have seen students making a lot of progress.  I know that as they continue to play, develop their strategies, and learn from their mistakes, they will only get better and better.  And I hope that chess will become a lifelong passion for them as it has been for me.  If anyone else has an interest in chess, I encourage you to reach out to me or our clubhead, Daphne Hartch.  We are eager to welcome more people to the club no matter their background or ability.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Mr. Kevin King, Upper School History Teacher, for his contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”