Guide to Greenwich – Study Spots


Claire Moore '22

This edition of Guide to Greenwich features a diverse array of study locations

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, we trekked through Greenwich and the surrounding area on a quest to find the best study locations.

Greenwich Common

The Greenwich Common serves as a coronavirus-safe study area. Claire Moore ’22

First, we stopped at Greenwich Common, a park situated just off Greenwich Avenue. Despite its central location, the green space was not very busy and gave us a relatively quiet study environment.  There were many benches and tables of various sizes that provided space for independent and collaborative work.

In addition, Greenwich Common serves as an open-air space that easily allows for social distancing to comply with COVID-19 regulations.  This location also offers a safe and enjoyable break from indoor studying.  Due to cold temperatures, however, it is not the most practical work spot during the winter months.  The weather, paired with noise from dogs barking and nearby construction, served as a distraction for us and decreased the potential for productivity at Greenwich Common. 

CFCF Coffee serves coffee, tea, and pastries. Claire Moore ’22

CFCF Coffee

Our next destination was CFCF Coffee, a coffee and pastry shop also located on Greenwich Avenue.  This venue is a popular destination for Greenwich residents and is often very busy.  As a result, there was a significant amount of noise from fellow patrons placing their orders at the counter.  However, we were able to find a small enclave that allowed us to focus.  CFCF’s small tables did make studying marginally more difficult. 

We enjoyed the atmosphere in the café and sampled several options from the menu, including iced oat milk cold brews, lemonade, and gingerbread.  But we found that the constant bustle, noise, and small size of CFCF Coffee were significant offsets to its merits as a study destination.   

The Greenwich Library has numerous workspace options for students. Claire Moore ’22

Greenwich Library

Finally, we arrived at the Greenwich Library, a quiet and spacious study hall open to the public.  The library offers a wide array of study options, including private rooms, large tables, and individual desks.  There is also a plethora of research materials such as books and digital databases available for student reference. 

The Greenwich Library also features a small café in its lower level that helped us refuel after a long day of work.  Additionally, the Greenwich Library staff ensures that patrons comply with social distancing protocol and mask mandates that guarantee a safe and healthy environment for all. 


After an eventful day wandering through Greenwich and careful deliberation, we named the Greenwich Library the winner of this edition of Guide to Greenwich.  It fuses our favorite aspects of Greenwich Common and CFCF coffee as it is COVID-safe and offers refreshments.  

Featured Image by Claire Moore ’22