Mrs. Jillian Bozzi bakes this Italian recipe with her family to add to her annual Christmas tradition.

Sicilian Pignolata

Mrs. Jillian Bozzi, Upper School History Teacher, grew up making Sicilian Pignolata, an Italian holiday delicacy, every year for Christmas with her grandmother.  She continues the tradition with her two sons and their grandmother.

Total time: One hour

Quantity: Five plates


  • Four cups flour
  • One teaspoon baking powder
  • Four eggs
  • Four tablespoons Crisco
  • One-third cups milk (more on the side if needed to moisten the dough)
  • Two tablespoons vanilla or lemon


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients and then add eggs. 
  2. Knead well and roll out thin ropes.
  3. Cut ropes into three-fourth inch pieces.
  4. Heat canola oil.
  5. Fry pieces until golden, strain.
  6. Heat golden pieces in a thin layer of honey.
  7. Add sprinkles if desired.

Featured Image Courtesy of Mrs. Jillian Bozzi