Embracing the holiday spirit though Christmas light displays


Jackie Franco '23

Christmas displays light up Fairchester County.

This Christmas season, we traveled to the towns of Rye, New York, Armonk, New York, and Greenwich, Connecticut to embrace the holiday spirit through the festive lighting and decorations. 

The Christmas decorations in Rye town display the holiday spirit.  Kelly Haggerty ’23

Rye, New York 

The first town we traveled to was Rye.  As we strolled through the town, the white Christmas lights lined the lamp posts and wreaths hung along Purchase Street.  However, not every street light had decorations and the wreaths hung far apart from one another.  The display did not stand out to us compared to those of the other areas we visited. 

In addition, stores in Rye have Christmas decorations, such as trees and presents, on display in their front windows.  From the beginning of the street to the end, the placement of the lights and wreaths makes the Christmas ambiance in Rye look minimal, but nonetheless, it still reflects the holiday festivity.

Greenwich, Connecticut 

The trees throughout Greenwich Avenue light up the street.  Kelly Haggerty ’23

As we explored the shops lining Greenwich Avenue, we enjoyed an impressive light display.  Every tree along Greenwich Avenue has lights from its trunk to its branches.  Walking down the street, we could feel the holiday spirit as classic white lights shone from every tree.  The placement of the lights on each tree makes Greenwich Avenue an especially celebratory Christmas location.

The display illuminates each shop and restaurant, providing a better view of what Greenwich Avenue has to offer while simultaneously fostering a festive atmosphere.  Although there was a lack of traditional Christmas decorations and adornments, the vibrancy of the lights throughout Greenwich Avenue instilled a holiday atmosphere.  In addition to Christmas lights, Greenwich Avenue features a large menorah statue in recognition of Chanukah.

Armonk, New York 

Snowmen welcome visitors into Armonk Square.  Jackie Franco ’23

While walking through the town of Armonk, we appreciated the various light displays decorating Main Street.  Almost the entirety of the town had festive decorations, which created a welcoming holiday atmosphere. 

As the inspiration behind the “Frosty the Snowman” song, Armonk makes a point to cherish the Christmas season by illuminating Armonk Square with lights, hanging wreaths, and of course, Frosty the Snowman statues.  In addition to Armonk Square, we took notice of the decoration on the Hickory and Tweed Ski and Cycle Shop in the center of town.  We even took a seat on a ski lift swing covered in Christmas lights.  Armonk’s elaborate Christmas decorations did not fail to put us in the Christmas spirit in anticipation of the holiday season.


After visiting and comparing the three towns, we determined that Greenwich Avenue’s light display topped the rest.  Every tree lining the street wrapped with Christmas lights overwhelmed us with holiday spirit.  After only a quick walk on the illuminated street, the holiday atmosphere was apparent, making it a clear winner.

Featured Image by Jacqueline Franco ’23