Students perform to celebrate the holidays at the annual Christmas concert


Bella Nardis '24

Sacred Heart Greenwich celebrates Christmas with the annual concert.

Upper School students performed in front of a live audience for the first time in two years during the Christmas concert, December 16.  This year, the Upper School Christmas concert was during the morning break in the Lennie and John de Csepel Theatre, which was a change from last year’s virtual concert.    

Miss Annette Etheridge, Middle School and Upper School Music Director, Mr. Sean Lowery, Upper and Middle School Orchestra and Upper School Chorus Director, and Miss Danielle Gennaro, the Bell Choir Director worked together with their students to celebrate the holiday season with the Sacred Heart community.  After a successful in-person performance of the Upper School fall play, The Eumenides, students were able to have an in-person Christmas concert.  All Upper School students who did not participate in the concert went to go watch the performance. 

Madrigals rehearse for the Christmas concert.  Courtesy of Amanda Ciminello ’24

Even though the Christmas concert was in-person, COVID-19 protocols still caused some restrictions for the participants.  Typically, the Christmas concert is a joint effort between the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.  However, this year the school planned separate events for each division.  During the last week of school before Christmas break, the Lower School had grade-level performances during the school day.  The Middle School students performed during a Middle School gathering during the school day.  Another restriction was that parents could not attend the concert.  Instead, they had the opportunity to watch through a livestream. 

Upper School students can participate in various musical groups including Madrigals, Upper School Chorus, A Ca-Bellas, Orchestra, Senior Bell Choir, or the Upper School Bell Choir.  Both A Ca-Bellas and Orchestra are cross-divisional, meaning some Middle School students participate in them.  

As for the performance itself, students performed a total of eight songs during the concert.  Sophomore Amanda Ciminello participates in Madrigals and the Upper School Bell Choir.  While preparing for the Christmas concert, Amanda commented on her favorite song. 

“My favorite song that we’re performing is Carol of the Bells,” Amanda said.  “I really like this song because it was definitely fun to learn.  For many years I’ve always watched all the older girls perform this song, and I’ve always looked forward to performing it.  The voices in the song altogether sound really beautiful.”

The Upper School Bell Choir performs at the Christmas concert.  Courtesy of Emma Marvin ’24

The Chorus performed “White Winter Hymnal” and “Sparklejollytwinklejingley” from Elf the musical.  The Orchestra played “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music.  Additionally, the Upper School Bell Choir performed the “The First Noel” and “Danse des Mirlitons.”  Miss Gennaro discussed the importance of gathering as a community for this year’s performance.

“Christmas is such a time of coming together and everyone is so excited to celebrate the season by performing music for their peers and teachers for the first time in two years,” Miss Gennaro said.

Participants of the Christmas concert were grateful to be in front of a live audience again.  Miss Etheridge commented on the success of this year’s in-person performance.

“I think it’s a huge milestone that we are overcoming,” Miss Etheridge said.  “People haven’t been able to see the girls or hear the girls live, so all of the virtual choirs that we did last year, people didn’t necessarily get a chance to listen to them.  So, I think it’s really important the girls get to perform.”

Featured image by Isabella Nardis ’24