“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Caroline Maloney ’24

Why did you apply for the Sacred Heart Network Exchange Program?

“I applied to the Exchange Program because it looked like an amazing experience for me to learn more about another country and culture, advance my French, and get to show my country to someone.  Exchange is a wonderful opportunity for me to see more of the world and how different people live.”

What has hosting an exchange student taught you?

“I have enjoyed getting to bring my exchange student, Charlotte from Nantes, France, to places she has never been as this is her first time in the United States.  We have gone to see the Empire State Building, shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York City, I have brought her to my favorite local coffee shop, and other places where I live.  We also plan to go see the Statue of Liberty, which I have actually never seen either.  Hosting an exchange student was not the easiest at first due to the language barrier, but my exchange student and I have learned how to communicate well and it has been a lot of fun having her with me.  At first, I was nervous to speak in French with her, but she has been very helpful and understanding.  Charlotte also speaks English better than I speak French, which is also helpful.”

What do you hope to learn while abroad?

“I am extremely excited to go abroad soon to Nantes, France and experience the life of a student from another country and also get to visit a place I have never been to before.  I hope to return from Exchange with more skill in speaking French and many unforgettable memories.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks sophomore Caroline Maloney ’24 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”