“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Kate Nemec ’23

How did you get involved with Operation Med School?

“I got involved with Operation Med School (OMS) when I was a freshman in high school by attending one of the New York team’s conferences.  I had the opportunity to listen and learn from some amazing doctors and medical professionals about their careers and studies.  I had always been interested in medicine, but I did not know much about its complex and diverse career path, including the many disciplines one could pursue in a career in medicine.  After attending the OMS conference in 2019, I knew this was an organization I wanted to be a part of after witnessing such hard work putting together a great panel of doctors and students in an organized, sophisticated fashion.  In 2020, I also registered for the online conference, and in the ensuing months, I was asked if I would like to apply for a position in the New York branch.  I was eager to apply, as I wanted to participate in such a great organization, working to promote careers in medicine by offering a variety of perspectives on different medical disciplines.  This past summer, I earned my position on the team, and we quickly got to work planning the Operation Med School 2022 conference, led by our team leads, Annie O’Connor and Alexandra Hannett.”

What is Operation Med School’s goal?

“[OMS’s] goal is to help students in their high school years foster their passion for a future in medicine by exposing them to different medical professionals, students, and researchers.  The scheduled conferences throughout the year offer direct opportunities for students to engage with people in the medical field, forging new relationships, which could eventually lead to internships or future job offers.  Since OMS is an organization with many different teams around Canada and the addition of the New York team, we coordinate with each other to help stimulate the next generation of doctors and researchers.  One major reason why I wanted to join the organization was because of the Operation Med School’s goals and their alignment with Goal II of Sacred Heart: a deep respect for intellectual values.  Therefore, I value OMS’ goals and passion to encourage students’ future aspirations.”

Why is the theme of reimagining healthcare important?

“The theme for the 2022 OMS conference, reimagining healthcare, addresses important advancements in healthcare, including how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the medical field through technological advancements, like eConsults.  The reimagining healthcare theme [aligns] with the need to improve healthcare accessibility by narrowing the gap in patient care in underprivileged populations.  Healthcare is constantly evolving, facilitating the need for innovation and improvement, which is why the OMS team wants to promote the new ways in which humans are transforming the idea of modern medicine and patient care.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Kate Nemec ’23 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”