Guide to Greenwich- Açaí Bowls


Zara Black '23

This edition of Guide to Greenwich features the best açaí bowls in the greater Greenwich area.

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, we explored the greater Greenwich area in search of the best açaí bowls.  We judged our bowls on taste and appearance.  We also considered the atmosphere of each shop.  

Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls serves a delicious açaí bowl with strawberries, bananas, and coconut shavings on top. Olivia Caponiti ’23

First, we visited Playa Bowls in Darien, Connecticut, which offers primarily açaí bowls, smoothies, and juices.  The store’s decor includes bright colors and a glowing sign stating “Welcome to Pinappleland” along the wall.  There are also several tropical paintings and decorations, such as surfboards, boat anchors, and palm trees, all of which contribute to Playa Bowls’s relaxing environment.  There was no line when we arrived, and we received our bowls very quickly.  

We ordered the Pura Vida Açaí Bowl for $12.36.  The bowl contained a thin layer of granola along the bottom, açaí, and an array of toppings, including strawberries, blueberries, honey, and coconut flakes.  Its appearance was very neat, with fruit around the edges and a light honey drizzle.  While eating, we found it difficult to take the first few bites without the contents of the bowl overflowing.  The açaí had a very strong berry flavor and a coarse consistency, but the blueberry flax granola added sweetness and crunch to almost every bite.  The fruit on top was perfectly ripe and deliciously fresh, however, the coconut flavor was overpowering.


Sobol makes various açaí bowls in Cos Cob, Connecticut.  Courtesy of

We then visited SoBol located in Cos Cob, Connecticut which also mainly serves açaí bowls, smoothies, and juices.  Sobol’s decorations feature many pastel colors, which give the store a comforting feel.  There was a short line when we entered the store, but we did not wait long.  

While ordering we chose between a large variety of sizing options.  We both ordered an açaí bowl for $8.35.  The bowl had strawberries and blueberries as toppings, following layers of açaí and granola.  The colorful assortment of different fruits and toppings contributed to its aesthetic appeal.  Our bowl tasted very good with a strong and fruity açaí flavor but lacked the proper proportion of açaí to granola.  The cinnamon granola was overpowering and we found ourselves taking several bites without açaí.  Many pieces of fruit were also slightly overripe.

Green & Tonic

Green & Tonic offers our favorite açaí bowl in the area. Olivia Caponiti ’23

Finally, we ventured to Green & Tonic in Rye Brook, New York.  The workers greeted us immediately and were very attentive.  There was upbeat music playing quietly in the background.  In addition, there were many succulents around the store and the Green & Tonic symbol, a glowing lemon, hung on the wall.  There were bright yellow tables along with a nice dining area outside for warm days.

We ordered a 16 ounce açaí bowl for $9.95, which came with three toppings of choice.  We added strawberries, blueberries, and granola.  The smoothie base consisted of açaí, banana, and almond milk.  It had a flavor that perfectly balanced the sweet fruit with the granola’s subtle almond flavor.  For customers with allergies, there were alternative milk options.  The açaí had a smooth consistency with fresh fruit and crunchy granola on top.  Overall, the bowl was very refreshing and fueling.  


After comparing the options, we decided that the restaurant with the best açaí bowls is Green & Tonic.  Between the warm atmosphere in the store, the ability to fully create our own bowls, and the well-balanced flavors, the bowl was a very enjoyable snack.

Featured Image by Zara Black ‘23