Courtesy of Natalie Becue '22

Newspaper and magazine collage with acrylic paint.

“After the Storm” – Natalie Becue ’22

The ongoing climate crisis intensifies global precipitation and temperature patterns, increasing extreme environmental events, according to  The continuation of destructive and deadly natural disasters such as forest fires, hurricanes, heat waves, poor air quality, floods, droughts, and storms call for climate action.  In the last 30 years, the number of climate-related natural disasters has tripled, displacing over 20 million people per year, according to

Senior Natalie Becue’s collage titled, “After the Storm” depicts the dramatic tolls and aftermath of destructive climate disasters.  One of the newspaper excerpts reads, “loss in millions” while another reads, “hurricane brought death and destruction.”  Natalie reflected upon the true meaning of her piece.

“I chose to create this piece to explore the devastating effects of climate change, specifically in natural disasters,” Natalie said.

Featured Image Courtesy of Natalie Becue ’22