“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Isabel Lehrman ’22

Which character are you playing in “Into the Woods” and how do you relate to them?

“I am playing the Baker’s Wife, who is, of course, the wife of the Baker.  The show revolves around the Baker’s and the Bakers’ wife’s mission to have a child.  She is ruthless, determined, and a very realistic character compared to the surrounding world of fantasy.”

What has been your favorite part of participating in the musical?

“My favorite part of participating in the musical this year was growing closer with all of my castmates as we tackled one of the longest shows we have ever done.  This theater community is so unique and special, and each member of the team brings a different skill and perspective to the table.”

Where did your interest in performing begin?

“My interest in performing began back in Lower School when I performed as Queen Gertrude in Hamlet in the fourth grade.  Being able to die on stage was for some reason extremely exciting for me.  I started to do more and more theater throughout Middle School and committed to doing all of the shows throughout Upper School.  My favorite thing about performing is being able to enter the shoes of various different characters.  It adds dimensionality to my life and I enjoy stepping out of my regular day through the facet of performance.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Isabel Lehrman ’22 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”