World Language Week: Arabic students explore Middle Eastern culture and contemporary issues through film


Gabrielle Wheeler '23

For this year’s World Language Week, Sacred Heart Greenwich students in French, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic classes shared their work in the foreign languages that they study.

For this year’s World Language Week, Sacred Heart Greenwich students from the Chinese, Spanish, French, and Arabic classes share work from their foreign language classes.  The Arabic IV Honors class studies culture and international affairs in the Middle Eastern region.  Earlier this year, the class watched “The Syrian Bride,” a film about the socio-political conflict in Golan Heights.

For an assignment following the viewing of the movie, students recorded their reactions and responses to the film.  Senior Chelsea Hyland wrote about the cultural awareness that she gained from watching “The Syrian Bride” and her own ideas regarding the main character’s choices.

الشخصيات يمثلون مشاكل مهمة في العادات و تقاليد في المجتمع العربي. هناك مشاكل سياسية و اجتماعية كثيرة. قبل مشاهدة الفيلم أنا لم أكن أعرف شيئاً عن الزواج في المجتمع العربي وكذلك العدات و التقاليد، ولكن بعد مشاهدة الفيلم، أنا تعرفت على هذه المواضيع. كذلك، الفيلم يتحدت عن مشاكل سياسية و اجتماعية مفيدة. شخصيات الفيلم مثلت هذة  المواضيع جيدا. الشخصية المهمة هي منى. لو كنت مكان منى، لَكسرت العدات و التقاليد. لغادرت الجولان إلى بلد أخر. لَحصلت على تعليم اولا و ليس الزواج.  لو كنت منى لَحصلت على عمل جيد، و لكان عندي مال كثيراً. لو كنت أعمل في الأمم المتحدة، لَجعلت الجولان بلد مستقل.  لَوفرت السلام للناس في الجولان.  لَجعلت حل بين إسرائيل و سوريا.  في رأيي، الفيلم “العروس السورية” جيد و مهم للثقافة كتيراً.  الشخصيات يمثلون الناس في الجولان و مشاكل في الشرق الأوسط.

“The Syrian Bride” is a movie about life in the Golan Heights region, teaching students about socio-political aspects of Middle Eastern culture. Courtesy of

The characters represent important problems in the customs and traditions of Arab society.  There are many political and social problems.  Before watching the movie, I didn’t know anything about marriage in Arab society as well as the customs and traditions, but after watching the movie, I learned more about these topics.  Also, the film talks about important political and social problems.  The characters in the movie represented these themes well.  The main character is Mona.  If I were in Mona’s place, I would break the rules and traditions.  I would leave the Golan and go to another country.  I would have gotten an education first, not marriage.  If I were Mona I would get a good job to make a lot of money.  If I were working for the United Nations, I would make the Golan an independent country to bring peace to the people of the Golan.  I would make a solution between Israel and Syria.  In my opinion, the movie “The Syrian Bride” is good and very important for culture.  The characters represent the people of the Golan and problems in the Middle East.

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The King Street Chronicle thanks Chelsea Hyland for her contributions.

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