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Claire expresses the female experience through her poem “Her Story.”

“Her Story” – Claire Maher ’24

“I wrote my poem “Her Story” because I wanted to redefine the word history and give power to women,” Claire said.  “Throughout history, women have been oppressed.  Even in the word ‘his – story,’ women are excluded.  I wrote my poem to portray female empowerment and distort this obsolete norm.  We must look to the future rather than the past and empower young girls to write their own stories.  While I intended for this poem to illustrate the boldness and unmatched resilience of so many women, I also think it is very important to portray the reality that these women were once young girls fighting to make it to where they are now.  Feminism is about more than gender equality.  It is about recognizing what it takes to be a woman and acknowledging the immense courage and strength of women throughout history.”


“Her Story”

Claire Maher ’24


When she was young she was just a girl




Or so they thought

Just a spark of energy

When she was young she had so many dreams




Or so she knew

A blazing fire burned within her


And they would tell her to dream

tell her to wish 

tell her to desire 

But they didn’t tell her she’s living in a timeline 

written by him 

written for him

Where dreams only come true for a few

Only for the bold

Never for the meek 


She knew who she was




But she was just a girl

A body

A vision 

A dreamer 

And she would only be respected 82 percent of the time 

She would only be second best 

Even when her best was better 


Years go by and the little girl fades 

Encapsulated by the front of 

A rising Female

Living in a modern world

Fighting off archaic norms

Where she must work twice as hard to make it 




But she shouldn’t have to carry the weight of the world

On her back and have to pretend 

That the little girl she once was

Isn’t still inside of her 


But now she is older

She is stronger

She is braver

The little girl that dreamed 

Made a woman that accomplishes 

There is no barrier that she can’t break

no finish line she can’t cross

She is still that same little girl 

With a torch in her hand 

Illuminating a path that she couldn’t see 

For another little girl intimidated

By history 

Encouraging her to dream 

And create

Her story    


Featured Image by Avery Kim ’24

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