“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Rachel Lherisson ’22

What is your favorite film category?

“My favorite film category is the creative category.  As a student in the Creative Film class, I have the most experience with these types of films.  I see my classmates working hard on their projects in class, so it is a very gratifying experience to see all their work displayed at the film festival.”

What is the theme of the festival and how does it relate to film?

“The theme of the film festival is Wonderland.  I have enjoyed taking inspiration from such a classic film, Alice in Wonderland, and using the theme to celebrate all the films that Sacred Heart students have made.  The story is so well-known to the audience, so I hope the planning my co-hosts and I have done will allow everyone to reminisce on the popular film as we look toward student films.”

Returning to an in-person festival, what are you most excited about?

“I am most excited to have an audience open to all students and families.  The past two years’ restrictions will make this year’s festival even more special as we invite a larger audience in person.  The film festival team has worked so hard planning this event, and every student has worked so hard creating their films.  I am so excited that we get to bring the program the in-person audience it deserves once again.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Rachel Lherisson for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”