“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Katie May ’23

What do you think is important for the school to know about the war in Ukraine?

“I think that it is really crucial that our school community understands the historical and geopolitical context of the war in Ukraine in order to better comprehend its severity and political implications.  As Goal Three states, we must be socially aware women who are impelled to act when faced with the knowledge of horrific atrocities such as those discovered in Ukraine.  In order to do so, we must be equipped with cognizance of the current situation and its historical context.  Furthermore, as Sacred Heart students, it is imperative that we do not ignore that war just because it may seem far away; it is important that we stay aware even when the American spotlight on the situation fades away.”

As co-head of the International Governments and Cultures club, how is the club supporting Ukrainians during this time? 

“As co-head of the International Governments and Cultures club with Gigi, our club has made an active effort to inform our school community about the war in Ukraine.  We recently gave a presentation during Morning Meeting that highlighted the key information to understand when examining the war through a historical and geopolitical lens.  We also helped set up a Civvies Day in which the proceeds will go to the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Stamford, Connecticut to help Ukrainian refugees.”

How can students educate themselves on international affairs while still in high school?

“I believe that the most important step to take as a high school student who is interested in international affairs is to consistently read the news, especially to get a solid grasp of current news from multiple sources in order to filter out bias.  When people regularly inform themselves about recent events, they are able to become more active members of international conversations and escape ignorance of global issues.  I also think that asking questions and having the curiosity to read books, watch the news, and attend lectures greatly increases our participation and awareness of international affairs while in high school.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Katie May for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”