“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Miss Karen Panarella

What makes ring day a special tradition?

“Ring Day is a very special tradition at Sacred Heart.  It is a passing of leadership from one class to the next.  It is a time that the seniors are getting ready to say goodbye, and the juniors are getting ready to take on the leadership for next year.”

How does ring day further Goal 4 in the school community?

“Ring Day furthers Goal 4 by all the symbolism that the ring holds.  The Sacred Heart ring is the same at our network schools— so the ring engages with the greater Sacred Heart Community.  But more importantly, it symbolizes that we are created in the likeness of God, and as a community, we celebrate the junior class as they take on the roles of leadership.”

What is your favorite ring day memory?

“It is hard to pick a memory— each one has its own special meaning.  However, I cannot forget the Ring Day of 2020, where we did a drive-by ring day due to COVID-19.  The girls received their rings, roses, and a goûté.  What was fun was when sisters drove by, and they could actually ring each other.  It was a special day in the midst of the confusion of the world.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Miss Karen Panarella, Upper School Dean of Students and Yearbook Moderator, for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”