Seniors hope to bring compassion and service to careers in medicine


Lindsay Benza '23

Four seniors will study various areas of medicine at their prospective universities in the fall.

Sacred Heart Greenwich seniors Alex Hannett, Gabby Lauria, Claire Pittaro, and Gracie Iannaccone hope to pursue studies in medical fields at the universities they will attend next year.  These four seniors will carry with them the skills and lessons they have learned during their time on King Street to help them have a positive impact on the world in their prospective careers.

Alex will study neuroscience at the University of Chicago in the fall.  While she is not sure which field of medicine she would like to enter, Alex is interested in the function of the brain and the nervous system.  Her visits to the doctor’s office as a child piqued her initial interest in a career in medicine.

Alex and Gabby will begin their medical studies at universities in the fall.  Lindsay Benza ’23

“Going to the doctor’s office as a kid I was never afraid of the doctor like some other kids might have been,” Alex said.  “I was more fascinated with how the doctor was able to take information about the symptoms I was experiencing and form it into a diagnosis with an exact treatment to follow that would help me feel better. I have always had an interest in problem-solving, and decided I want to pursue medicine because I wanted to be able to take in information and make a diagnosis that can relieve any pain from another person.”

Alex’s curiosity and intrigue for medicine deepened during her involvement with Operation Med School New York.  The organization holds conferences for students to gain a better understanding of various areas of medicine.  Additionally, she earned her Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic as she noticed an increase in the need for first responders.  While at the University of Chicago, Alex will have the opportunity to utilize her EMT certification to receive clinical practice with patients.

Alex is eager to learn the fundamental topics of medicine that will help her in medical school and beyond.  She hopes that through her medical education, she will be able to provide quality treatment for those seeking help.

“I hope that through medicine I can give everyone an equal opportunity to access of care that they deserve,” Alex said.  “I know that it can be difficult dealing with health issues, so to be a part of relieving that aspect of stress in someone’s life would be incredibly rewarding.”

Gabby will continue her education at Bucknell University where she will study biomedical engineering.  As she plans to attend medical school in the future, Gabby hopes to better the lives of others while encountering new challenges and experiences every day.  While taking Science Research and Anatomy classes at Sacred Heart, Gabby developed a curiosity and intrigue for medicine.  She is looking forward to applying her curiosity to her studies at Bucknell and is enthusiastic about discovering the content matter which captivates her most.

Gracie and Claire hope to pursue careers in medicine after college.  Lindsay Benza ’23

Claire will study Mathematics-Economics at Lafayette University in the fall.  She hopes to learn about the business component of medicine through her intended major.  Claire’s parents and sister are involved in medicine which has inspired her to explore the subject matter.

“Similar to many other people pursuing the medical field, I have always found joy in helping others,” Claire said.  “Both of my parents are doctors, and I have always been inspired by the work that they do.  I admire and respect the hard work they have put into their medical careers to get where they are today, and how they have dedicated their lives to helping others.  My older sister is also pursuing a career in the medical field, and I am looking forward to seeing what she will accomplish.”

Claire worked as a research assistant for a study regarding seizure medication during the summer of 2021.  She looks forward to performing more research and creating relationships with her peers and professors next year.

Gracie will attend Villanova University next year where she will major in nursing.  During her senior year, Gracie had the opportunity to lead the Pre-Med club at Sacred Heart after serving as a member of the club throughout high school.  She is looking forward to beginning her nursing studies and expanding her medical knowledge.  Her inspiration for nursing comes from her father who battled cancer while Gracie was a child.  She will utilize the strength derived from her experience to help better the lives of others.

“I have always said I do not care if I only impact a few people or hundreds, just knowing I can help one from enduring pain satisfies me,” Gracie said.  “Having had experience with someone undergoing a terminal illness, I saw the importance medical professionals have on a person’s life, not only with their physical health but their mental health and well being.  My goal is to take the worry and stress away from the patient while providing them with the medical care that they need.”

Featured Image by Lindsay Benza ’23