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Isabelle discusses a special Lower School memory.

Izzy Sciacca: Explorer: The Lost Islands

Izzy read Kazu Kibuishi’s Explorer: The Lost Islands in fourth grade.  Ms. Marian McLeod, former Lower and Middle School Librarian, gifted the book to Izzy for her birthday.  She treasures this book because of its content and the memories she associates with it.

“My favorite book is Explorer: The Lost Islands, edited by Kazu Kibuishi.  When I was in Lower School, Ms. McLeod let me choose from a pile of new books which she would label as my ‘Birthday Book,’ and I chose what would eventually become my favorite graphic novel ever.  It is my favorite book because of the special memory that is attached to it and that I recall every time I see it.  Not only do I love this book because of the memory that stays with it, but also because it is a very good read, and I highly recommend it.  I used to read this book all the time in Lower School and Middle School; reading it never got old.  It will always remain my favorite book because of all the memories and nostalgia that unlock whenever I reread it.”

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