Sra. Sandra Piña de Stewart, Upper School Spanish Teacher

Sra. Piña de Stewart

I had Sra. Piña de Stewart for two years of my high school career, and I am so lucky to say that.  She is the best Spanish teacher in this community, and she knows how to connect with her students on a personal level.  I love how she teaches her classes with fun and practical classwork and homework.  You can see that she respects her students as individuals rather than children and I am so honored to have had her as my teacher twice.  She has always been so kind and funny, always coming to class with an excellent story to tell.  Sra. Piña de Stewart has a gift for making learning fun and memorable.  I cannot say we have ever been to a single class period without at least one moment of intense laughter.

– Twelfth-grade student

Sra. Piña de Stewart will miss the enthusiasm of the Class of 2022.  Since she taught seniors at the beginning and conclusion of their high school journeys, Sra. Piña de Stewart commented that she has watched them grow as students and individuals.

“I will miss seeing the seniors in the hallways, calling out my name and waving at me from the other side of the cafeteria or from all the way down the hallway,” Sra. Piña de Stewart said.  “I am sure they are all ready to fly into this new stage of their lives.”

Featured Image by Ana Patricio ’24