Mrs. Paula Westcott, Upper School Art Teacher

Mrs. Westcott

Mrs. Westcott was so impactful on my Upper School experience.  She instilled a love for art in me and was always a source of encouragement and humor.  Mrs. Westcott always hated when we would ask, “can I be done?” while working on a project. Although I sometimes wished she would have just answered the question, she taught me the value of individual expression, creative enjoyment, and pride in my own work.

–Twelfth grade student

Mrs. Westcott strives to create a comfortable environment where her students can connect and express themselves through forms of artwork.  She also enjoys learning from her students’ pieces and perspectives.  Mrs. Westcott is thankful to have guided the seniors in the artistic journeys in the Upper School.

“I will miss the Class of 2022’s dedication and commitment to self-care,” Mrs. Westcott said.  “I love working with my colleagues and students in the arts and am so grateful for the administration’s support in the world of art studies.”

Featured Image by Ana Patricio ’24