Mrs. Xian Zheng, Upper School Chinese Teacher

Mrs. Zheng

Mrs. Zheng is always there to listen to her students’ rants and give us delicious food.  I have never had a teacher who is so understanding and so willing to care for all her students. 

–Twelfth grade student

Mrs. Zheng encourages her students to immerse themselves in foreign cultures.  She strives to inspire and empower them to become lifelong learners of language.  Through participating in class discussions, food projects, traditional games, and holiday celebrations, Mrs. Zheng’s students gain a cultural understanding beyond language.

“I have watched this year’s seniors grow throughout their Upper School journey from not being able to write a full sentence in Chinese to producing a full-length essay now,” Mrs. Zheng said.  “I will deeply miss my time with the Class of 2022 because they were so outgoing, caring, dedicated, and passionate. 孝音,孝安,苏丽,金莲,苏杨,我爱你们 (Zoe, Annie, Kayla, Jess, Izzy, I love you all).”

Featured Image by Ana Patricio ’24