Gone from the school not from the Heart


Kelly Haggerty '23

The 2021 to 2022 Editorial Board, Dylan Drury ’22, Charlotte Burchetta ’22, Libby Kaseta ’22, Claire Moore ’22, and Leah Allen ’22, discuss their college experiences.

The time-honored tradition of “Gone from the school not from the Heart” continues to recognize the previous year’s graduating class of editors.  Claire Moore ’22, Leah Allen ’22, Dylan Drury ’22, Libby Kaseta ’22, and Charlotte Burchetta ’22, the 2021 to 2022 King Street Chronicle Editorial Board, discussed their college experiences thus far.

Leah Allen

Northeastern University Class of 2026 

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor 

What is your major, and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

“Right now, I am pursuing a combined major in Criminal Justice and Sociology.  I have a huge passion for criminal justice reform that I was able to explore further in programs I participated in at Sacred Heart.  I am excited to spend the next four years learning about our country’s criminal legal system and discovering ways to ensure equity for marginalized communities.  As of right now, I am keeping my options open and giving myself room to explore career paths, but I am interested in maybe applying my passions for social justice and public advocacy to fields like law or social work.”

Leah Allen ’22 is grateful for the opportunities and experiences she gained from Sacred Heart.  Courtesy of Diana McIntire ’22

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college? 

“There are a lot of student-run publications and opportunities to take journalism classes at Northeastern, which is very exciting.  So far, I’ve attended a few general-interest meetings for a literary magazine with a staff of all female-identifying students.  I had such a rewarding experience on the KSC, and I’ve missed working on a publication a lot more than I expected.  I don’t doubt that journalistic writing will remain part of my life in some form.  This magazine mimics some aspects of the KSC that I love and I miss, so I am looking forward to increasing my involvement and seeing where things take me.”

How do you feel Sacred Heart has prepared you for college? 

“My relationships and interactions with my peers and teachers at Sacred Heart have done so much to instill my sense of self-worth and self-confidence, which has been so important in college.  Leaving King Street and stepping into large lecture halls as only one member of a gigantic undergraduate class in a huge college city can feel a little overwhelming at times. I do not think I would feel this secure or well-adjusted had I not spent the last eight years surrounded by constant support, encouragement, and love.  It is so important to be able to step into a classroom, dining hall, or club meeting knowing that I have something valuable to bring to the table. I am so grateful for the friends and faculty at Sacred Heart who helped to nurture and empower me.  I also know that I can always turn to those people if I need guidance or support in the future.”

Claire Moore

Claremont McKenna College Class of 2026 


What is your major, and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

“I am currently a literature major pursuing a sequence in Ancient and Medieval Studies.  One of the main factors that drew me toward the literature major was its integration of creative writing and film studies courses with traditional literary analysis.  The Claremont McKenna literature department is also continually recognized for its excellent teaching. Ancient and Medieval Studies encompasses subjects such as Art History, philosophy, religious studies, and classics.  As with literature, I am interested in this field because it will help me better understand the origins of contemporary society and the foundations of modern discrimination.  I believe it is crucial to examine history, particularly primary sources like novels or philosophical papers, to learn how humanity’s worldview has shifted or stayed the same over time.  These inquiries will benefit me in my future career aspirations.  I hope to eventually found a human rights law firm and activism education center in Eastern Europe that will help LGBTQ+ populations effectively advocate for their rights.  Directly after college, however, I plan to attend law school and teach high school English.”

Claire Moore ’22 majors in literature at Claremont McKenna College.  Courtesy of Claire Moore ’22

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college?

“At CMC, I have been incredibly lucky to engage in multimedia journalism ventures.  Through one of the undergraduate research institutes on campus, I will produce a three-episode podcast series about journalism during genocidal conflicts over the academic year. I am really excited about this opportunity as it will allow me to fuse my knowledge of podcasting with my experience in digital journalism to analyze a very complex and relevant issue.  I am also contributing to the Russian language magazine, Русский Вестник, as an interviewer.  Though these are currently my only journalism-related activities, I use the skills I learned while working on the KSC in every aspect of my academic and extracurricular life. For example, my role as a Humanities Fellow involves conversations with respected intellectual figures, such as Imani Perry and Lynda Barry.  My work conducting interviews with Sacred Heart faculty and alumnae taught me how to speak professionally and ask meaningful questions that elicit substantive answers.  I am also working as the Events Director for the CMC Sexuality and Gender Alliance, which entails the leadership, collaboration, and organizational skills I gained on the KSC.”

How do you feel Sacred Heart has prepared you for college? 

“As an institution that prizes female-focused education, Sacred Heart taught me the value of my voice.  Now in college classes, I am able to confidently articulate my ideas and speak openly about my opinions.  Sacred Heart’s emphasis on community also prepared me to attend another small school.  I am comfortable forming close bonds with my classmates and talking with my professors in non-academic settings.  Mainly, however, I feel that the loving and supportive King Street community, comprised of both students and faculty, allowed me to grow as a person and scholar.  Over my four years at Sacred Heart, I came to truly embrace myself and have confidence in my intellectual abilities.”

Dylan Drury 

Southern Methodist University Class of 2026 

Content Editor, Video Editor, Social Media Manager

What is your major, and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

Dylan Drury ’22 attends a football game at the Gerald J. Ford Stadium at Southern Methodist University.  Courtesy of Dylan Drury ’22

“My current major is Film and Media Arts, and I am minoring in Business.  I am not sure what I want to do after college, but Dallas has become an up and coming city for filmmaking, so I decided that studying Film and Media at SMU would be a really cool and interesting experience, and hopefully, I will get a lot of real-world opportunities while being here.”

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college?

“As of now, I am not, but I am hoping to be selected to work for SMU’s student-run Look Magazine, which is a student-run fashion magazine written by journalism and fashion media students.  The application comes out in November.”

How do you feel Sacred Heart has prepared you for college? 

“Sacred Heart is the reason that I chose my major.  I was introduced to film and media as a freshman at Sacred Heart, and it impacted my whole high school experience.  I could not imagine going to Sacred Heart without being involved in the King Street Chronicle, but also working with the KSC Instagram and weekly videos.  Also, Today from the Heart sparked my love for filmmaking.  This combination that I worked with for three years shaped the student I am and inspired my love for film and media.”

Libby Kaseta 

Bucknell University Class of 2026

Content Editor 

Libby Kaseta ’22 and her Bucknell Women’s Rowing teammates smile for a picture after practice.  Courtesy of Libby Kaseta ’22

What is your major, and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

“I am currently undecided in my major, but I am leaning towards a path in politics and government.  I am currently taking an American Politics course, and I am really interested in the way our country governs itself.  I hope to explore the world of politics through a journalism lens post-graduation.”

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college? 

“Presently, I have signed up for the Bucknell student-run newspaper, The Bucknellian.” 

How do you feel Sacred Heart has prepared you for college?

“I feel as if Sacred Heart has prepared me well for college life.  It has provided me with a voice and a strong sense of self, unafraid to speak during classroom discussions.  Sacred Heart also gave me a secure academic foundation that has served me well with classes.  There are a few Sacred Heart graduates who presently attend Bucknell, and all of whom, from seniors to fellow first-years, have really made an effort to make me feel at home, and I am so thankful.”

Charlotte Burchetta

Chapman University Class of 2026 

Content Editor, Social Media Manager

What is your major, and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

The sun sets over the Chapman University campus.  Courtesy of Charlotte Burchetta ’22

“I am majoring in Theatre in the BA program.  I am not completely sure what I want to accomplish after college.  I chose the BA program because I feel that it will give me a strong foundation in all aspects of theatre.  I am really excited to get involved in productions, classes, and other opportunities and just see where it takes me.”

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college? 

“At the moment, I am not participating in journalistic activities, but I definitely will next semester.  I also am thinking about minoring in journalism.  I definitely want to get involved in whatever I can.”

How do you feel Sacred Heart has prepared you for college? 

“Sacred Heart has prepared me for college in so many ways. I feel like I am really prepared in terms of writing.  All of my teachers at Sacred Heart taught me how to think critically and analytically, which I have found is really important.  I also know how to manage my time well.  There is so much going on at Chapman, which is wonderful, but you really have to know how to spend your time.  Lastly, Sacred Heart prepared me in the sense that I know how important community is in learning, living, and artistic environments.  I feel so grateful for the many ways my Sacred Heart education prepared me for the next four years of my life.”

Featured Image by Kelly Haggerty ’23