Three new faculty members bring heart and hustle to King Street


Camila Oliva '24

The Sacred Heart Greenwich Athletic Department welcomes three new members to their staff.

As the fall sports season is underway, the Sacred Heart Greenwich Athletic Department welcomes three new members.  Ms. Laurie Rousseau, Ms. Lilly O’Sullivan ‘17, and Ms. Caitlin Rooney share how they plan to contribute to the school community beyond the walls of the athletic center. 

The Athletic Department welcomes Mrs. Laurie Rousseau as the Director of Athletics.  Courtesy of Sacred Heart Communications Dept.

Sacred Heart’s new Athletic Director, Ms. Rousseau, has grown up consistently involved in athletics.  She has been an avid participant in sports throughout her time at Shore Country Day School and St. Mark’s School in Massachusetts.  Ms. Rousseau attended Yale University for Undergraduate School and Boston College for Graduate School, where she worked as a coach and in the athletic administration.  Starting her first year in an all-girls community, Ms. Rousseau expresses her hope to make a lasting impression on students.

“I want to be someone within the community that others can rely on and be someone who supports the overall message and mission of the school in whatever capacity that is,” Ms. Rousseau said.  “Whether that’s being someone who’s a good listener or being someone who can offer a different perspective.  Most importantly, I want to be someone who can support the overall athletic program, but also each and every girl’s individual journey through our program.”

Sacred Heart alumna Ms. O’Sullivan studied Sports Management at George Washington University, where she was a member of the rowing team.  After working in finance for a year, she returns to King Street as Operations Manager of Uniforms and Administrative Assistant.  She conveys her gratitude for working in a welcoming environment where she can explore mental health topics on and off the playing fields. 

“I enjoy the flexibility and freedom to be working at my own pace and organizing things my own way,” Ms. O’Sullivan said.  “I am also working with Ms. Bensen to help with the leadership program, and then I also spoke with some of the sports captains about how to improve aspects of the mental health of the girls on the sports teams.”

Ms. Lilly O’Sullivan ’17 and Ms. Caitlin Rooney join the Sacred Heart Athletic Department as Operations Manager of Uniforms and Administrative Assistant and Middle School Physical Education teacher.  Camila Oliva ’24

As a former Division I (DI) field hockey player, Ms. Rooney joins the Athletic Department as the new Middle School Physical Education teacher.  Similar to Ms. O’Sullivan, Ms. Rooney knew she wanted to work in athletics, which encouraged her to major in Physical Education at the University of Rhode Island. 

“I love coaching, which is what got me into the world of athletics,” Ms. Rooney said.  “I’ve been coaching since I was 21 and I also love to work with the children.  This year, in addition to working in Physical Education, I am excited to be coaching the seventh and eighth-grade field hockey teams.”

Featured Image by Camila Oliva ’24