Jenny Di Capua ’23 creates an app to break down healthcare barriers


Jacqueline Franco '23

Jenny Di Capua ’23 creates a new app, Salud por Todos, to make healthcare more accessible.

What started as a science research project became a full-functioning app to help people find accessible healthcare.  Senior Jenny Di Capua began this project 2019, passionate about making a difference in her community.  Her app, Salud por Todos, is available to assist all people, particularly Latinx and undocumented individuals, in gaining access to healthcare resources. 

The inspiration for Jenny’s app comes from her connection to the Latinx community as a dual citizen of Argentina and the United States.  Jenny strives to help the local community in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and Bronx, New York.

Jenny Di Capua ’23 inherits her Argentinian ethnicity from her father and grandmother.  Courtesy of Jenny Di Capua ’23

“Growing up, I visited my grandmother in New Rochelle, New York.  There, I developed friendships with the families that lived in this community,” Jenny said.  “I noticed that my Latinx friends had high levels of untreated chronic illnesses such as depression, malnutrition, and more.  These issues were only exacerbated due to the pandemic.  I began to explore research related to this issue, and I learned that Latinx immigrants, particularly the undocumented, face barriers while accessing healthcare.  These barriers include language, lack of insurance, lack of payment options, ID requirements, and fear of deportation.  So, when I started science research as a freshman, I knew I wanted to do something about this issue.  Thus, I developed Salud por Todos, an app and website.”

Eight out of ten Spanish-speaking Hispanic people prefer having a healthcare practitioner who speaks the same language as them, highlighting the possibility of communication difficulties when obtaining medical care, according to  Despite the project’s challenges, Jenny remained persistent in finding a way to help her community.  

Salud por Todos is available online and in app form.  Courtesy of

“To develop Salud por Todos, I began by surveying members of the Latinx community in New Rochelle,” Jenny said.  “I gathered information about the barriers they face while accessing healthcare.  Using this information, I created Salud por Todos, allowing the user to anonymously filter through healthcare providers.”

She believes Salud por Todos could have a beneficial impact on the Latinx immigrant population, particularly in New Rochelle.  As Jenny continues this project, she will market the app to spread the word about its mission.  Jenny plans on partnering with community and faith-based organizations to bring awareness to Salud por Todos.

“I hope that Salud por Todos spreads awareness of the challenges that the Latinx undocumented immigrant population faces.  In today’s political sphere, immigration has become a controversial topic. I hope that Salud por Todos serves as a reminder that no matter a person’s legal status, everyone deserves access to safe and effective healthcare resources,” Jenny said.  “Access to healthcare is a basic human right.  By communicating with the Sacred Heart Greenwich community, I am hopeful that we can enact the Goals and Criteria, especially Goal Three, and advocate for this community.”

Featured Image by Jacqueline Franco ’23