Guide to Greenwich – Apple Cider Doughnuts


Caterina Pye '23

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, we visited three different locations to find the best apple cider doughnut.

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, we traveled to three different bakeries and diners in search of the best apple cider doughnuts to indulge in this fall. 

Lakeside Diner

Lakeside Diner serves their famous apple cider doughnuts daily.  Caterina Pye ’23

Our first stop was Lakeside Diner, located in Stamford, Connecticut.  As we walked to the entrance, we smelled their famous doughnuts.  The diner’s picturesque scenery and old fashion atmosphere amazed us.  We even found out that the diner was featured in the movie College Road Trip. 

While waiting for our doughnuts, we looked out of the large window that displayed a beautiful view of the lake and fall foliage.  We purchased half a dozen freshly-baked, hot, sugar-coated apple cider doughnuts for $6.  The apple cider flavor was not overpowering, and the doughnuts were not too dry or dense.  They were the perfect airy consistency. 

Beascakes Bakery

After visiting Lakeside Diner in the morning, we ventured to Armonk, New York, to taste Beascakes Bakery’s apple cider doughnuts.  Having received the title of Armonk’s Best Local Bakery, Beascakes serves a variety of baked goods and one-of-a-kind cakes, according to

Beascakes Bakery, in Armonk, NY, serves a variety of baked goods.  Caterina Pye ’23

While customers know the bakery for their cookies, their doughnuts were also very good.  The doughnuts had a strong apple cider flavor but were denser than Lakeside Diner’s.  They were also more expensive, as we purchased half a dozen doughnuts for $12 dollars.

The Snackery 

The Snackery in Rye, New York, recently opened serving different kinds of baked goods.  Kelly Haggerty ’23

Finally, we traveled to Rye, New York, and tasted the apple cider doughnuts from Rye’s newest bakery, The Snackery.  We placed our order for half a dozen doughnuts the day before we went to pick them up.  The Snackery’s menu consists of cookies, sweet treats, cakes, pies, breakfast, lunch, and custom cakes, according to

The bakery has a nice seating arrangement and is appropriately decorated for Halloween.  Unlike the other two types of doughnuts we tasted, these had a coating of powdered sugar on the outside.  They were the most dense, and the apple cider flavor was too strong.  At $15 dollars, they were the most expensive and did not satisfy us.


After tasting several apple cider doughnuts, we concluded that Lakeside Diner’s doughnuts are the winners of this edition of Guide to Greenwich.  The doughnuts were perfectly soft on the inside with a sugar-coated exterior.  The atmosphere of the diner and the price of the doughnuts also influenced our final decision.

Featured Image by Caterina Pye ’23